Thursday, July 31, 2008

King of Inspiration and Keeper of 'Hope Tonight~

You might want to get yourself over to the Meadowlands tonight as "The Boss" - Bruce Springsteen - takes the stage and rocks New Joisey at Giants Stadium!

Bruce is the King of "Inspiration" and if you have not seen him Live I strongly urge you to make a point to check him out TONIGHT. There should be plenty of tix floating around!
He usually takes the stage at 8:40 pm! See you all there!!

Stay Strong and Keep on Rockin'

Back on the Horse!

If any of you have ever participated in competitive athletics at any level you will be familiar with the following phenemenon.

If you ever screw up, make an error, miss a free throw, miss a putt, strike out with runners in scoring position in the bottom of the ninth, drop a fly ball, let a grounder go through your legs to lose the game (aka a "Buckner"), let in the winning goal, drop a touchdown pass with no time left on clock, etc -- there is a PAINFUL period of time from the end of that event until you are able to go back on the field, the rink, the course, the court, etc and GET BACK AT IT!!

For a competitive person, there is NO LONGER and MORE PAINFUL time than those hours/days that creep by until you are able to go out there and get a little REDEMPTION!

All you want is to have at it again -as quickly as possible --and have the opportunity to make up for the screw up!

Sometimes however we let the error ruin us! We dwell on it - we cannot move past it and we fail to recapture that spirit of enthusiasm and competitiveness - and we LET FEAR of FAILURE end our careers!

That is a lot like life!
We are constantly making errors in our lives - some of them our fault, some beyond our control - but the ONLY thing we can do when that buzzer sounds right after the play is TO GET BACK IN THE GAME and try it again!!

Do not DWELL on the error - do not MOURN and be WEAKENED! Pick yourself back up and get on the horse and Give it another shot!

That is all we can do!!!

Do not be AFRAID to screw up! Do not give a second thought to being misunderstood! Do not FEAR FAILURE!!!

You screwed up - SO WHAT?? Get back in the lineup and try harder to do it right!!

That is why we are here --- not to be PERFECT but to strive to be - and to NEVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP or GIVE IN TO FEAR!

Have a Great Day -- Stay Strong!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today - Just another Wednesday?? Whoaaaa Nelson!!!!

Show of hands please -- How many people woke up today, or while on the commute to work, or during breakfast, thought about their day ahead and had the clear thought:
"Just another day ahead."??

Be honest!! I am willing to bet 99% of us did just that! And we did it yesterday and the day before and will probably do it again tomorrow (if you had not stumbled upon this Blog today that is -lol)

I have news for you - Today is NOT just another day in a string of days! Today is the CATALYST for a NEW START to all of our lives!

Today is going to be different than all the other Wednesdays in our lives - past and future!

Today - Why? Because we are going to SET SOME GOALS today and we are going to mark this seemingly normal Wednesday in July AS THE DAY WE STARTED TO TURN OUR LIVES AROUND!

Today we are going to commit to ourselves to set the goals that will brring us joy, fulfillment, happiness and contentment!

Today we are going to REALIZE that EVERY DAY is an OPPORTUNITY to do something different - to help someone with their problems - to take the first step in FINALLY GRABBING that Ring that will bring our wishes, desires and dreams into the realm of so-called Reality!

Today one of you is going to Stop Smoking!

Today one of you is going to re-do their resume and send it out with unbridled enthusiasm!

Today one of you is going to join a gym and exercise!

Today one of you is going to put on your sneakers and go for a power walk, or a jog, or a bike ride!

Today one of you is going to FORGIVE yourself for past mistakes and learn to LOVE yourself as you are!

Today one of you is going to skip work and spend some time with your children - or shut off the TV and read them a book!

Today one of you is going to ask out that girl you like and put the thoughts of "failure" aside!

Today one of you is going to request that raise you are seeking!

Today one of you is going to book a trip to someplace you have never been - despite people telling you that you are crazy to do so - and you are going to have a blast!

Today one of you is going to STOP feeling sorry for yourself and GO ON THE OFFENSIVE!

Today one of you is going to let go of your FEARS and take that chance!
Today one of you is going to FORGIVE someone who wronged you and begin the healing!

You see, TODAY is anything but ordinary in all of our lives!
Tomorrow sometimes does not come for some so it is TODAY that matters!

Why not you?? Why always someone else? Why Not Today????

No Excuses -- as Nike says - JUST DO IT!!!

You will not regret it!

And it is TODAY that we MUST embrace and STAY STRONG!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Your Impact on others!!!

NEVER underestimate the amazing and critical impact your mere existence on this planet has on other people's lives!

Often times we are not aware that our mere presence in someone's life serves as a Strength, a Comfort, a Crutch to them and sometimes it is ALL they have to reflect on that day.

Even if the people do not acknowledge it to you directly it is IMPORTANT to remember this fact!

Therefore, whenever you feel your life is not up to par with what you dreamed it should be, whenever you are searching for the "good" in your life and faced with the daily onslaught of negativity (that hopefully we ALL are fighting off and not surrendering to) - REMEMBER the many people who COUNT ON YOU to lift them, buoy their spirits, and just BE IN THEIR lives!

Battle onward and do it for those who need you to be enthusiastic, strong, positive, upbeat and simply THERE FOR THEM!

Many times we will not do something for "ourselves" and it takes others' needs to make us act!

Well make that a discipline EVERY DAY and watch how much better you feel - how much more valuable your existence seems!

We all NEED YOU!!! Do not bury your head in the sand and give in to the daily negative challenges and seemingly impossible battles!!

We will do this TOGETHER!!!

Stay Strong and Keep Fighting -- The Life you WANT is there for the taking -just do not be afraid to reach for it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Randy Pausch, 47, Dies; His ‘Last Lecture’ Inspired Many to Live With Wonder

"Inspiration" lost one of it's Best Friday!

Randy Pausch, 47, Dies; His ‘Last Lecture’ Inspired Many to Live With Wonder

Randy Pausch, the professor whose “last lecture” made him a Lou-Gehrig-like symbol of the beauty and briefness of life, died Friday at his home in Chesapeake, Va. He was 47, and had lived five months longer than the six months a doctor gave him as an upside limit last August.

The cause was metastasized pancreatic cancer, Carnegie Mellon University announced.

Professors are sometimes asked to give lectures on what wisdom they would impart if they knew it was their last chance. Soon after Dr. Pausch (pronounced powsh), a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon, accepted that challenge, he learned he had months to live.

He hesitated, then went ahead with the lecture, on Sept. 18, 2007. He said he intended to have fun and advised others to do the same. He spoke of the importance of childlike wonder.

But Dr. Pausch did not omit things that would break just about anybody’s heart. He spoke of his love for his wife, Jai, and had a birthday cake for her wheeled on stage. He spoke of their three young children, saying he had made his decision to speak mostly to leave them a video memory — to put himself in a metaphorical bottle that they might someday discover on a beach.

As the video of his lecture spread across the Web and was translated into many languages, Dr. Pausch also became the co-author of a best-selling book and a deeply personal friend, wise, understanding and humorous, to many he never met.

“His fate is ours, sped up,” wrote Jeffrey Zaslow, a Wall Street Journal columnist who covered the lecture on the chance it would be a good story, and helped bring it wider awareness. The book he wrote with Dr. Pausch, “The Last Lecture,” was published this year and became a No. 1 best seller; last week it was still No. 1 on The New York Times list of advice books.

Some of the millions who saw Dr. Pausch on YouTube and elsewhere wrote letters and e-mail to The Journal and many blogs. Some said he inspired them to quit feeling sorry for themselves, or to move on from divorces, or to pay more attention to their families.

A woman said the video gave her the strength to escape an abusive relationship; others said they decided not to commit suicide because of it.

The effort and the effect, even before the book, have been likened to Mitch Albom’s book on lessons he learned from his dying college professor, “Tuesdays with Morrie” (1997).

Dr. Pausch said in an interview with USA Today that he had never read that book.

“I didn’t know there was a dying-professor section at the bookstore,” he said with typical sardonic wit.

Time magazine named Dr. Pausch one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and ABC declared him one of its three “persons of the year” for 2007. Oprah Winfrey promised him 10 minutes of uninterrupted speaking time, and he used it to give a condensed version of the lecture.

Randolf Frederick Pausch was born in Baltimore on Oct. 23, 1960. In his lecture, he praised his parents for letting him paint pictures on the walls of his room. Dozens of parents wrote him to say they followed this example and allowed their children to decorate in the same way.

Dr. Pausch graduated from Brown University, earned his Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon, taught at the University of Virginia for a decade and joined Carnegie Mellon’s faculty in 1997. In addition to working in the computer science department, he had appointments in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute and the School of Design.

His passion was creating programs he called computer worlds that students could use to create games.

In fact, they were learning sophisticated computer skills. His annual virtual reality contest was highly anticipated, and work on virtual reality by some of his students won them the chance to experience weightlessness on an aircraft. They then used virtual reality techniques to mimic weightlessness.

Dr. Pausch received awards from academic and industry groups. Carnegie Mellon named a footbridge between its computer science and arts building for him to commemorate his efforts to link the fields.

Carnegie Mellon had a tradition of asking professors near the ends of their careers to deliver what it called “The Last Lecture,” but the name had been changed to “Voyages” when Dr. Pausch gave his. He bet with friends that no more than 50 people would attend. There was standing room only in the 400-seat auditorium.

Using images on a giant screen, he began by showing a slide of CT scans revealing 10 tumors on his liver. He then said he never felt better, and dropped to the floor to do push-ups, some one-handed.

He showed photos of himself as a boy, then listed his youthful dreams: to win giant stuffed animals at carnivals, to walk in zero gravity, to design Disney rides, to write a World Book entry (on virtual reality). He said he had accomplished them all.

But it turned out that other aspirations remained. When the director of the new “Star Trek” film heard that Dr. Pausch was a Trekkie, he invited him to appear in a cameo role, including a spoken line. When the Pittsburgh Steelers heard he had dreamed of playing pro football, they let him participate in a practice.

This March, Dr. Pausch testified before a House committee in Washington in favor of more money for researching pancreatic cancer. He held up an 8-by-10 picture of his three children and his wife, whom he noted would soon be his widow.

Dr. Pausch is survived by his wife, the former Jai Glasgow; his sons, Dylan and Logan; his daughter, Chloe; his mother, Virginia Pausch of Columbia, Md.; and his sister, Tamara Mason of Lynchburg, Va.

Dr. Pausch gave practical advice in his lecture, avoiding spiritual and religious matters. He did, however, mention that he experienced a near-deathbed conversion: he switched and bought a Macintosh computer.

--New York Times

You Really Want it?? Then Write it Down!!

We covered the Power of Visualization quite a bit in this space the past few months and continue to URGE you to exercise this power in ALL you seek to do! (scroll through archives for refresher on this topic).

There is another concept - easy to achieve - that goes hand in hand with this "Visualization". In fact, Visualization is Step # 2 in the process!

Step Numero Uno is Making a Goal - and WRITING IT DOWN!!

Do not underestimate the potency and "reality-creating" effect that WRITING DOWN a goal has on the person attempting to achieve that goal!

It is hard to explain as to why it has such a power - but it certainly does!!

I was watching a nice piece on the 2008 Olympics Team this morning on ESPN and they were highlighting the accomplishments of the 6-time Gold Medal US Swimmer, Michael Phelps.

His performance in 2004 was simply amazing and impressive - but out of the entire piece what struck me most was the exchange he had with the interviewer at the end of the clip.

They mentioned in the voiceover that Phelps "writes down" every one of his Goals, keeps them on his nightstand, and reads them DAILY!

The interviewer asked him about this and he said he has been doing that since he was a kid. The interviewer then asked him what I view as the entire point to this entry today.

He asked Phelps: "Of all the goals you have written down over the years, how many of them have been accomplished?"

Phelps answer? "ALL OF THEM." Every single one of the goals he set for himself and wrote down - he accomplished!!! 100%!!!

Simply amazing indeed!

So here is the First Step, 1-2 punch for you to work on today!

1. Set a Goal --- WRITE IT DOWN! Base it on what you want - better fitness, better relationships, better career, better education - ANYTHING you WANT!

Identify it right now and WRITE IT DOWN!

Keep it in your pocket- on your fridge - on your nightstand - ANYWHERE you can see it readily and be reminded of it!

2. Visualize the achievement of that GOAL(s)!! How will you feel after you achieve it - what will it look and feel like to have run that marathon, rode that bike in the race, get an "A" on your exam, lose "10" pounds, graduate from school with honors, WIN 6 GOLD MEDALS!! ;)

And of course the third step is ACTION/EXECUTION!!

Go After It! Take that first step! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!

Haven't you learned this by now? ;)

For more on Goal Setting and Planning you must check out!!!

Stay Strong!

Friday, July 25, 2008

You Don't Get Much without Giving....

How did your "Kindness" experiment go yesterday? Did you look for acts of kindness? Did you Match them or initiate your own? If so, I bet it brightened your day! Keep the experiment going today and observe your mood and attitude! It MUST improve - it is IMPOSSIBLE not to improve!!

One of my favorite "under-the-radar" bands of all time is a group from Milwaukee called the "Bodeans". Check them out (

They have a tremendous sound and message - and today's message focuses on a song of theirs called "You Don't Get Much" (link to video below).

I believe there are two laws in this Universe that dictate the outcomes of all of our efforts, thoughts, interactions, and actions - they are the "Law of Attraction" and the "Law of Giving".

The Law of Attraction is simply stated that what we think about is drawn to us! Period! If we envision negative scenarios - the Universe will deliver that negativity to us. If we think positively and focus on what we WANT - the Universe will deliver EXACTLY that to us! For more (a lot more) on this law you must get the audio version of Esther and Jerry Hicks' "The Laws of Attraction" for your iPod!! Fascinating topic and hard to argue against the concepts!

The "Law of Giving" is summed up in the Bodeans song "You don't get much without Giving" - we will have returned to us MUCH MORE than what we give to others!

This is why I implore you to LEAD the way in kindness, forgiveness, empathy, compassion - GIVE to others what you can and you will have it returned 10 fold!

These are immutable laws! They work! and they are simple to follow - except for that LEAP OF FAITH needed to take that first step! But I believe in you and know you can do it!

Get up from where you are reading this and go and GIVE! A smile, a note to a friend, a phone call, a kind gesture, volunteer for something, talk someone off the proverbial ledge, - ANYTHING that shifts away the concerns you have for yourself this morning! Don't worry - the favor will be returned and MUCH LARGER than what you have given!

Watch this video below -- listen to the message -and be a LEADER today --

Enjoy your weekend - Stay Strong!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Secret to making your life more Joyous!

If you are looking for an interesting sociology experiment that you can conduct easily and as quickly as this very instant - look no further!

Starting right now, be on the look out for "acts of kindness" by anyone you encounter during your day! I mean true acts of generosity and kindness.

When you do witness one, I want you to resolve to MATCH that act with an act of your own!

In addition - if you go a half of a day without witnessing an act of kindness by someone, Resolve to step up and find a way to conduct one yourself!

It can be as small or as large as you wish - it doesn't matter the size of the act -- JUST ACT!

This is the secret to happiness ---- STOP focusing on your own worries, troubles, issues, problems, etc and SHIFT the FOCUS to making someone else's life BETTER!!

I know it seems difficult - and it may take several attempts before you can make the transition. But YOU CAN DO IT!!

Making someone else's life better can be accomplished as easily as a smile to someone on the train, the elevator, the street -- stopping to help someone with directions - commenting on someone's dress (go easy here - HR is always lurking - lol) - hairdo -- singling someone out who may be having a terrible day and just offering to LISTEN!

The key here is GETTING INVOLVED!!! Do not leave it to the "other guy" to help, or to ACT!

YOU LEAD THE WAY! Lead the way with compassion, kindness, and support! There is no Stronger person than one operating with these principles as their guidance system!

If you do this just for one day -- make it a GOAL - YOU will love the way it makes you feel!

You will be amazed at how miniscule and smaller your own issues seem when your GOAL is to HELP others with their problems!

You will not go unrewarded!

Stay Strong!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes- "DO" Sweat the small stuff!

By "sweat" I definitely do not mean "worry about" as that of the omnipresent book title above!

I mean SWEAT as in fluid, exercise, working out, etc!!!

It is a biological fact that our bodies produce certain chemicals on an hourly basis that, if not "exorcised", will contribute to your increased stress levels and continue to build up - causing you fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression, and the worst of all -- STAGNATION!!

How do we combat this natural enzyme in order to relieve this stress buildup??

WE SWEAT!! That is right - get into your comfy clothes - put on some sneaks, and go for a long walk - go for a run - find a pickup game at the gym or neighborhood park - jump rope - go for a bike ride - ANYTHING that induces sweat and rids your body of that ENEMY!!!

Join a running club - a hockey league - a dance class -- something with other people pursuing the same goals! It works wonders for the SOUL~~

Now - in this weather you can stand on one leg in midtown NYC and sweat about 20 lbs of fluids- but that is not what I am encouraging!

I want you to do something PHYSICAL that will not only release those chemicals from your system, but will also make you FEEL better about yourself!

Any forward action is Positive - ANY Goal set that you go after and pursue is Positive! Any time you sweat during a physical workout is Positive!

You will feel better -- you will look better - and you will view this world with a different perspective!

Try it -- Trust me - if you do not feel different and BETTER immediately I will be shocked!

Have a wonderful day - Stay Strong!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conquer FEAR!!! Go on the "Offensive"

So many people these days are trying to cope with one of our greatest immobilizers - FEAR!

Fear of anything will cause paralysis at best and constant fear and worry will put anyone into the depths of despair quicker than you can say "Boston Red Sox -World Champions" (sorry about that..)

So how do we conquer our fears? How do we break this Prison we live in day in and day out?

There are a couple of steps to take in order to conquer this fear and they are as follows:

1. Take Back your Mind!

The first step to conquering fear is taking back control of your thoughts and your mind! This is where fear lurks and does it's dirty work! When faced with a fearful thought you must IMMEDIATELY shine the light on it and expose it as the fraud that it is!

Take a step back and put things in perspective - say things to yourself such as "It is not the end of the world", "This may not even happen", "I have to look past this" and "I REFUSE to be afraid of this". Recognize the fear as impotent and simply a thought you are allowing into your mind that should not be there! BANISH IT!!

2. Go on the Offensive!

I find that when I am overcome with a thought of fear or worry about something, I can easily turn that thought around by going on the offensive! By that I mean instead of capitulating to the normal fear process - which is to become frightened, panic, stress, and become paralyzed - I get angry at the thought internally - I take offense to the very notion that this fear is trying to paralyze me and I go AFTER IT!

The Hunter becomes the "Hunted" and I resolve to not lose this battle of wills with my FEAR! I welcome the thought and challenge it - and it ALWAYS -- ALWAYS - dissipates in the face of internal strength and power!

Like a Bully, whose sole hope to push around it's victim is for them to not challenge it, fear's only shot at paralyzing you is that you do not fight back! It is counting on you to cave in to the fearlful thoughts immediately, to panic, to shake and lament - and at that point it goes into "Compounding" --it piles on you and tries to break you with more and more negative thoughts, fears, and worries!

Well I have news for you - FEAR CANNOT Break you - in fact it CANNOT EVEN TOUCH you if you recognize it coming and call it out for what it is - a POWERLESS BULLY who, with a quick theoretical shot to the nose, will vanish as quickly as it came!

Go on the OFFENSIVE when you have a fearful thought!! Stand up and Bloody the Bully's nose and you will not hear from it again!

It is quite a feeling to go from weakness to Strength and to see fear slither back from whence it came!

You can do it -- and remove those chains and bars that "seem" to imprison you today!

Try it!!! You will change your life!

Stay Strong!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day Dreams versus Strategic Thinking

"See things as you would have them be instead of as they are."
-----Robert Collier

I do not know where along the road that "Day Dreaming" received such a bad rap and became a stigma!

I do know this however, it is an unfair rap!

Day Dreaming as a concept is not such a bad idea. I refer to Day Dreaming as "Visualization Lite" in that is a positive action in serious need of some positive, emotional "Steroids".

I truly believe that there is no greater tool at our disposal as human beings than our ability to visualize, day dream, imagine AND shape our minds to follow that path - SIMPLY BY repetitive and PASSIONATE visual exercises!

TOT turned me on to an amazing piece of work called "Gods in the Chrysalis" and it is a poem that I try to read every morning as I put on the "armor" and head out into "Battle". (FYI - A Chrysalis is the cocoon-like staging area for a butterfly).

If you have not read it I STRONGLY URGE you to read it here - PRINT it out like I did - and keep it with you!

READ it EVERY TIME you can - every time you need a BOOST, a REMINDER of what brings JOY and Happiness!

Read it HERE (

One of the most poignant concepts in this tremendous piece states:

"Try to fix firmly in your mind that you would like to do and then without veering off direction, you will move straight to the goal.

Keep your mind on the great and splendid things you would like to do and then as the days go gliding by, you will find yourself unconsciously seizing upon the opportunity that are required for the fulfillment of your desire, just as the coral insect takes from the running tide the element it needs.

Picture in your mind the able, earnest, useful person you desire to be, and the thought you hold is hourly transforming you into that particular individual.

Thought is supreme."

The whole point of this poem is that we are in "Creation" mode and WHATEVER we FOCUS on in our minds is EXACTLY what we will BECOME!!

Some key words - "unconsciously seizing", "the thought you hold is hourly transforming you", "Thought is Supreme" ----

ALL of these point to the POWER and STRENGTH of our Minds and our Thoughts!!

Do not take your idle thoughts for granted and MONITOR them for negativity and fear and doubt!

Take the passive "Day Dreaming" we all do and ramp it up to FULL VISUALIZATION of what you want to be and do!

If you are stuck in a bad place - bad job, bad relationship, bad health, bad anything, the WORST thing you can do is to dwell on it and focus upon your CURRENT STATE!

The first step of pulling out of that situation is VISUALIZING what it is you WANT - what do you wish to replace in this spot going forward!

FEEL IT, taste it - close your eyes and be clear in the details of the future life you are GOING to ACHIEVE!

Do not stray from that vision of the life you want - and whenever you start feeling badly about your current state - IMMEDIATELY jump to that "Day Dream" - that visualization!!!

And sure enough you will start moving toward that spot -- you will be drawn to the circumstances, the people, the actions necessary to take you out of the "current" and to pull you to your DESIRED destination!!!

Trust me -- it works -- it is amazing!

So keep Day Dreaming -- but take it another step! TRULY BELIEVE in what you are seeing in your all-powerful mind and BELIEVE that it will be yours!

Every bad situation IMPROVES!! Remember that - you are not alone!!!

Stay Strong and have a TREMENDOUS week!

Friday, July 18, 2008

"It's in the way that you View it..."

"Roll with it, Baby"

---- Steve Winwood circa 1986

It seems that so many of our "problems, concerns, palpitations, and anxiety" issues are self-created and easily fixable if we approach them from a different angle!

Life is all about How you approach something!

Think about it!

As a parent we learn that how WE react to a child falling down and scraping their knee or elbow will generally dictate how the child reacts to the fall (broken bones excluded).

If we go crazy and shriek and make a huge deal about it - the child is more likely to react in kind and freak out!

However, if we are calm and downplay it - the child will quickly recover and forget about the scrape in a matter of minutes.
Human nature is an amazing phenomenon and very easily manipulated!
We must learn how to manipulate it!

We may have something happen to us - a slight, an error, an argument, etc - and it may only last 5 seconds.

Yet we as humans will take that 5 second incident (call it an insult or a slight) and ruminate on it - replay it over and over in our heads, analyze it 20,000 times for the next few days!!

It is Crazy!

So what if we took a different approach to anything negative that occurs to us and looked at the situation from a different perpsective? Wouldn't that be more helpful and worthwhile to us?
Do Not immediately assume you are the cause of the "issue". We tend to blaame ourselves for everything and feel like we are the root cause of any evil that befalls us!


So next time something bad occurs to you - take a step back and realize that IN THE LONG RUN it is pretty inconsequential to your life!

If we allow it to become the World's Largest "Knee Scrape" and approach it as such, it WILL BECOME exactly that! That is HUMAN NATURE!!

We are not that far removed from the child we were many moons ago- except now we CONTROL how we react - not our parents!

So Control your REACTIONS to things -- to events - to rude people - to bad colleagues - to horribly dangerous drivers -- and do not let these things get under your skin!

If you go back through your mental history catalogue and pick out the BIGGEST TRAUMAS you have ever experienced (death, grave illness, and those real issues aside)- you would be amazed at How Big of a Deal we made of it and HOW LITTLE it mattered!

So why address these issues in hindsight only when we have the ability to CONTROL our REACTIONS and diffuse any bad situation or circumstance AS THEY OCCUR?

It works - try it!

Any issue that occurs - approach it as "Is this really that big of a deal" for me to get all upset over?

Is it life-threatening? Is it the END OF THE WORLD??

I am willing to bet that 99.9% of the issues you are stressing over today are not in those categories --- YET you are diminishing the quality of your LIFE by making Mountains out of a series of Mole Hills!


"Worry" is a waste of time and drains you - all for something that 99% of the time NEVER OCCURS!!

So be careful how you "view" a situation --- approach it from the angle of "Is this really worth my stress and worry?"

Chances are the majority are NOT worth it and you can train yourself to let it ROLL OFF YOUR BACK!

You life will be much happier - so much calmer - and you will be amazed at how things that once rattled you and threw you off your game NOW are nothing but an instant of unpleasant memory!

Have a great weekend and STAY STRONG!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Featured Link of Week

Nothing seems to provide me with Strength, Inspiration, Rejuvenation and Restoration as effectively and powerfully as MUSIC!!!

Music is so instrumental (No pun intended - well maybe a little) to the Strength component of our lives that it ought to be listed as a "medicinal vehicle" in my opinion!

There are so many artists and songs that truly inspire and lift us up just upon hearing the melody, the lyrics, the beat - the message! I don't know what life would be without the Blessing of Music!

One of the Most Inspirational artists I have ever heard is a local musician whose sole purpose on this earth seems to be to inspire and comfort and uplift anyone she encounters!

Her name is Lisa Lynne Mathis and she has produced a wonderfully moving and enjoyable album that is sure to provide you with peace, joy and strength at the first track!

You can listen to her songs, read about her mission ,find out about her concerts, and buy her phenomenal album on her site

One of her songs was inspired by my niece and God-Daughter who passed away 4 years ago at 2 years old. It is called "The Greatest Embrace" and it derives from my sister-in-law who happened to recount to Lisa her longing to see Fallon again when her journey is done on this earth and to receive/give the Greatest Hug ever! It is truly beautiful and moving - as is the rest of her body of works!

Please do yourself a favor and check it out NOW!

We all need music in our lives - and this is one genre we cannot afford to miss!

Enjoy and Stay Strong!

Classic "Chicken or the Egg" Argument

We all know the old "Chicken or the Egg" argument - which came first?? Does anyone have an update on that question by the way? Still waiting on definitive answer! :)

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday and that very argument surfaced - however it surfaced as it relates to Success, Excellence, Happiness and Joy!

Now you are probably asking yourself - how do those topics inter-relate?

Well, have you ever witnessed someone who is cheerful, seemingly content with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, and by all appearances seems to be what conventional wisdom calls "Successful"?

We often hear people referring to this person with phrases such as:

"He/She has it all going on!"

"He/She must have signed a pact with the devil."

"He/She Really has the life."

He/She must have been really lucky to get where he/she is today."

"Of course he/she is happy/positive -I would be too if I had his/her life!"

Now - we tend to think that people such as these "Chosen Ones" are the way they are BECAUSE of the way they lead their lives. "Who wouldn't be happy with all that wealth" we say!

They are Happy and Joyous because they have a lot of money, beautiful/handsome spouse, multiple houses, etc etc etc... This is the Belief many have!

However - I believe the OPPOSITE is true and I will explain why I am inclined to think this way.

Starting my career as a stockbroker while just a kid fresh out of college, I was immediately struck by the amounts of money people possess. It was quite an impression, especially for a kid from middle class upbringing and 2 hard working-class parents!

But what struck me even more than the amount of money people controlled was this fact that STAYS WITH ME to this day -- -it seemed the "MORE" money these people had, the LESS joyous, happy, easy to deal with they were!

It was not true for EVERY client I had, but it was easily true for 99% of them!

As a fresh, newbie kid seeking wealth and glory on Wall Street - this was a shocking observation to happen upon!

We all seem to operate under the assumption that MONEY - and MONEY alone - will save us from the current states of our lives - restore the joy and happiness we just know is laying dormant in our souls - will have us smiling from ear to ear 24 hours a day and change our attitude and demeanor into the person we have always wanted to be!

GUESS WHAT - there is nothing farther from the truth! and if your End GOAL is the possession of Wealth for the sake of Wealth, you are in for a rude awakening!

The people you do see who "Have it all"? I believe they are where they are and joyous BECAUSE of their pre-existing attitudes, positive spirit, hard work, enthusiasm, and self-confidence - NOT the other way around!

They are not that way BECAUSE of their success!!! Their attitudes CREATED their success! and these are the people to be admired and emulated - the one's who "GET IT"!

The point ("Finally" you say!!) is that YOU CAN achieve success, happiness, Joy, wealth, fame, loving relationships, etc -- BUT it has to start with a change in Attitude and Outlook before anything else will come together! It does not result from wealth or anything else!

The Good news is that YOU CAN make that change TODAY! Right this VERY INSTANT!

The Choice is YOURS -- Simply choose to make it a Reality!

The people who are joyous with a lot of wealth WERE JOYOUS people BEFORE they achieved their wealth!! 99 times out of 100!!

People who are miserable with wealth were miserable BEFORE their wealth (or in spite of their wealth in some cases)!! 99 out of 100!

Remember this when you set your goals, make your sacrifices, and plan your next actions!

Stay Strong!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

along those lines... Contest!!

Who can name the "Movie/Play" that my previous Headline "Put the Paper Down...." was lifted from?

Post your answer in the comments section below!

Here is a hint for you all ----

Good Luck!

Put the Paper Down!! Papers are for "Gluttons for Punishment"!

Want to de-stress and gain more calm in your life???


Unless your job requires that you be up on the latest breaking news, JUST STOP reading the papers and watching the news!!!

Sounds Radical - I know - however, it is the KEY to leading a more POSITIVE, STRESS-FREE and CALM life!!

Think about it -- We preach about "Thought-Compounding" a lot on this site (for more on this concept go to ) and this concept not only applies to "Positive" Thought Compounding - but "Negative" Thought Compounding as well!

The media's sole purpose is to create revenues for their individual entities - and we all know what sells newspapers, magazines, anything on the E*Channel, etc! (Sex, violence, and celebrity train-wrecks to start).

But even beyond that - regular, legitimate news organizations are not going to stay in business very long by highlighting the GOOD things going on in the world! That is NOT their business and "Boy Scouts helping little old ladies cross the street" type stories will just not cut it in their world!

So what does that mean to all of us? Well, it means we are constantly subjecting ourselves to 24 x7 x 365 of BAD NEWS, DOOM and GLOOM, and items designed to frighten, conflict, titilate and shock us!!!

Do you think this might have a slight impact on our attitudes, our outlooks, our moods, our HOPES, our Actions??? Damn Straight they will - and it ain't for the best either!!

Negative thoughts are reinforced by other negative thoughts (there is a lot of truth to "Misery loves Company) and these thoughts in turn ATTRACT other Negative thoughts - which cascade and COMPOUND until we are like Deer stuck in Head Lights -- paralyzed by this cavalcade of NEGATIVITY and FEAR!!!

Break that cycle! Identify these Negative Compounders at the outset - call them out!!! And replace them with POSITIVE mantras - thoughts - hopes of the future - VISUALIZE instead the earnest and successful person you WISH to be - NOT the person hunkered down in a fox-hole being shelled repeatedly by Negative, "I CAN'T DO IT" bombs and shrapnel!!

Start with SHUTTING OUT the FEEDERS of this Negative Compounding! Try it for a week - NO newspapers, no news stories, no E*Channel shows - for 1 week!

I GUARANTEE you will feel better by just filtering the bombardment of negativity to your extremely sensitive "Receptors" - i.e., your MIND!!!

Think about it - kind of makes sense!
Stay Strong and PUT.. That...Paper.... Down!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What makes an "All Star" in life?

"I think the National League has better biorhythms in July."
- Earl Weaver (1979 All-Star Game)

In honor of tonight's Historic All-Star Game from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, I thought I would take a few minutes to discuss what it means to be an "All-Star" in the game of Life.

Now in Major League Baseball, it is the Fans who cast their votes to see who "makes" the All Star" Team. It is based on their "appreciation" of not only the players talent, but their popularity, personality, and overall "Excellence" at what they do day in an day out.

It is not too vastly different from my impression of what an "All Star" in Life entails.

The "fans" that are casting their "votes" are your co-workers, your friends, your family, people you interact with either daily or occasionally. These people vote on the way you interact with them, the kindness and compassion you display, the enthusiasm and upbeat attitude you work to maintain (even when the furthest thing you feel is upbeat and enthusiastic)- the helpfulness you offer and the way you treat them.

There is no Annual Gathering to praise and honor these "All-Star efforts" much like tonight's game in Da Bronx - there are no accolades and endorsements and cameras flashing.

It is not as glamorous or flashy to be an All Star in the game of Life - but the reward is just as tremendous in my opinion! Some may argue the reward is even better in this "game"!

Take a minute and take stock in your actions and your daily interactions!

Be honest - Are you an "All Star in the Game of Life"? Are there things you can be doing better for your "teammates" and for the "fans" that could place you on that team year in and year out - when the "votes" are tallied? What are you working on DAILY to make you a better team "player" and to help you get those Fan "votes"?

I urge you to make that a Goal in your life and to take the "Baby Steps" - the actions - to try and make that "team"! The effort and the actions are up to you and you alone!

You will not regret the rewards that follow!

Enjoy tonight's game (dubbed "The Red Sox versus the National League All-Stars" in my household) and really decide if being an All Star is of value to you!
Either way, be sure to Realize the impact this decision will have not only on YOUR life and YOUR joy - but also of your "teammates" and "Fans"!
Stay Strong and Go A.L.!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

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Public Enemy Number 1 - "Limiting Beliefs"

There is a killer on the loose and it is running amok through all of our lives!

It is killing our futures, our ambitions, our opportunities, our self-esteem and our Strength!

This killer is called "limiting beliefs" and we all are under attack by this menace!

Limiting Beliefs have been part of our psyche and makeup since before we can even remember! They formed their strength in our minds and our hearts well before we could do anything about them! This is what makes them SEEM so strong and insurmountable!

They dug themselves in like Alabama Ticks and before we even knew what was happening or could defend this precious turf- they had taken over the ship and were in charge of our thoughts and our all-important "Self-Belief"!

They are like "moles" (not dirt diggers but double-agents) whose sole purpose - for whatever reason - is to sabotage and destroy our POSITIVE THOUGHTS and SELF-CONFIDENCE! (for a good explanation of "why" these limiting beliefs do what they do, you must read "A Course in Miracles - )

The "why" is not important just now -- what matters is that we IDENTIFY these killers, recognize their perceived "power" over our lives, and ROOT them out of our minds FOREVER!

The Bad news? These Limiting Beliefs have taken a stronghold on our sacred ground and they will not be easily uprooted given their time spent influencing our thoughts and minds!

The GREAT News! They are not as tough as they want us to Believe and can be rooted and eradicated COMPLETELY with a little discipline and understanding on our part!

Whenever you hear "yourself" saying the following terms, KNOW that they are not YOUR thoughts but those of these killers:

"I won't get that job -I don't have the skills or background"

"I can't do that! I am not (INSERT Quality) enough!!!"

"It sounds great but it will fall apart on me."

"I am just not meant to be (INSERT Adjective) !"

"That good stuff only happens to other people - not me!"

When you hear yourself uttering these types of "Limiting Beliefs" in your mind - IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZE the Killers in our Midst!!!

STOP that thought pattern IMMEDIATELY and SAY ALOUD - "STOP"!!!

With this realization you are Shining a Spotlight on this insidious beast that is holding you back!

And guess what - This seemingly Powerful and Omniscient Killer will SHRINK at the first "Stop" you shout!

Do not stop there however - you have now called these "Limiting Beliefs" out and it is time to stomp them to oblivion!

REPLACE the killer thought with something like:

"Why not me? I am VALUABLE, UNIQUE and QUALIFIED!"
"I have been wrong about myself all this time- listening to this KILLER -- NO MORE!!"
"It does not matter what has occurred to me in the past - My time is NOW!"
"I am destined to do great things with my life!"
"God has a plan for me and it will all work out!"

Keep adding these POSITIVE reinforcements to your Responses and pretty soon these Killer thoughts will have retreated and be on the Run - NEVER to return with the same perceived force they have in your perception right now!

They MUST BE STOPPED and you have to POWER and Strength to Make that Happen!

Go ahead and take them on!

I Believe in You!!

Stay Strong!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Role of "Belief in Yourself"

We hear it ad nauseam in the media -- "You have to Believe in Yourself" to be successful!

Well, guess what - it is true! In fact, no other statement regarding success rings as true as this one sentence!

I will borrow an excerpt from a great book written by Felix Dennis, a British entrepreneur and interesting and candid writer indeed. His book is simply stated, "How to Get Rich", but it turned out to be so much more than a book about how to acquire wealth!

It is a must read for any budding young (or old) entrepreneur looking to break out of the Rat Race and strike out on their own!

It is a GREAT READ with many life lessons and secrets to success !! (

Anyway - back to YOU!!!

"Truly. Do you Believe in Yourself? Do you? If you do not, and worse still, if you believe you can NEVER believe, then by all means go on reading this book. But take it from me, your ONLY chance of getting rich will come from the lottery or inheritance. If you will not BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, then WHY WOULD ANYONE ELSE?"

"Without Self-Belief nothing can be accomplished! With it, NOTHING is impossible! It is as brutal and black and white as that."

This next 2 paragraphs might be two of the most insightful and thought evoking paragraphs I have ever read....

"I will leave you with two thoughts on the subject. Firstly, if you have ever escaped from very serious trouble or have been at the point of death, then you will know that one of two things happens. Either you become cautious to an absurd degree, or you are LIBERATED from many ordinary fears. With liberation comes the knowledge that NOTHING IS REALLY VERY IMPORTANT IN THE LIVES OF MEN; NOTHING IS AS TERRIFYING AS THE FEAR ITSELF. And from that, paradoxically, comes "self-belief" - a belief that anything is possible.

Secondly, you should remember that you are unique. Any scientist will tell you so. NO OTHER human being was ever born, or will EVER be born with the same combination of upbringing, flaws, and qualities that you possess. WHY SHOULD YOU NOT BELIEVE IN YOURSELF?"

Those statements are indefensible and should ring true to you!

Believe in Yourself!!! Do not listen to others in order to go after your dreams!

Have a Great weekend and Stay Strong!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inspiration (once again) from Youth.. Do Not Miss!

God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.
--- Reggie White

Here is yet another AMAZING story of courage, strength, perseverance and INSPIRATION from a young boy faced with a CHALLENGE that fortunately most of us could not even fathom!

So, next time we find ourselves in self-pity, lamenting and stressing about our lives, and our "problems", and all of our "insurmountable challenges" - just store these two unbelievable testaments to the Strength of the Human Spirit in your memory bank!

That ought to change our perspective on "how bad" we all have it - IMMEDIATELY!

Stay Strong and Remember!!

If you missed the amazing story of John Challis, please visit the link below and prepare to be moved and INSPIRED!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Life Lesson to be Learned - and Learned NOW!

Other people may be there to help us, teach us, guide us along our path, but the lesson to be learned is always ours.

My father passed away almost 10 years ago after a brave and courageous struggle with Cancer.

During that challenging time, and during his battle to stay here with us, he taught us who watched and assisted him in his fight a very, very valuable lesson!

Besides showing us a lesson in courage, tenacity, and a "Never Quit" attitude, it was a seemingly normal comment that set me thinking!

My father was a Great man - a great Dad and an even better friend and confidant!

There is not a day that passes where I do not wish he was still here with us to see our kids, and do the "Grandfather" things I know he and the kids would love to be doing together!

However, during his illness he was blown away by the outpouring of love, respect, kindness and the amazing show of caring that person after person brought to him as he weakened and drew closer to his next "Journey".

I remember asking him "Dad, why are you so surprised by all of this? You have many friends that obviously love and care for you".

His response was what stunned me and brings me to my point and lesson today.

He lifted his head and said to me "Son, I had no idea that all of these people cared about me so much".

75 years on this earth - involved and immersed in relationships the entire time - and he had zero idea that so many people cared for him and loved him!!!

That was an "eye-opener" for me indeed!

How could that occur?

The lesson I learned from my Dad and his illness is three-fold and I hope I can impart it on you while you all are healthy, have the whole future ahead of you, and can still enjoy your life!

It is as follows:

1. Life is Short! I know what you just uttered - "Duh- No kidding - it is on every book and cliche-ridden pillowcase in America!" -- But it is IMPORTANT to grasp it and not pass it off!

Life is Short and if you do NOT take advantage of the TIME we have at our disposal - the "Blessing of Time" we have and take for granted every single day -- unless we believe and appreciate this fact we are all destined to end up in the same spot -- Wishing for more time when we realize it is finally limited! and that is not a fun spot!

2. People Do Not Say what they Feel --- We can go our whole lives in a relationship of any kind and NEVER really let the person we care about KNOW that we care about them - or how great we think they are - or how much we appreciate them in our lives - or how great we think they are!! This is a Crime and something we can Change TODAY!

Pick someone in your life and pen them a short note - all it has to say is "Thank you" for being in my life - thanks for the love and friendship - and that you BELIEVE in that person!

Why Not? Trust me -- that person NEEDS to hear it - YOU need to let them know! It is a Win -Win! I Guarantee that you will feel like a Million Bucks (or Euros) afterward!!

There is nothing sadder or more idiotic than losing the chance to tell the people in your life that your LIFE is a BETTER place for them being in it with you!!

3. UNDERSTAND that people love and care for you even if they DO NOT SAY it! Do not end up on your death bed astonished at the fact that you had a Major impact on people's lives like my Dad did -- only when it is too late to enjoy it!

Refer to point #2 above -- Do Not Wait for the people in our lives to tell us how they feel - most will not -- but UNDERSTAND that you are loved and cared for even when you do not feel it!

Enjoy your Day! Go pick up the pen, write to that person (the more the better) and shoot off that letter today!! Trust me - there is nothing better than to give that to someone - unexpectedly - and it will stay with them their entire life!

When you have done it - place a "comment" on this site and I would love to hear your feedback on how it made you feel!

It sure beats a bunch of flowers or a cheesecake!

Miss you Dad - and Thanks -as always - for the Lesson!!

Stay Strong!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's all about Sharing!! Pass this site on....

If you like what you find here please go ahead and share our link with others who you think might benefit from our content!

We are all about Unity - Allied Effort - and Shared Strength!!!

Someone out there you know needs your and our Help - if even in just support or Spirit to Stay Strong and Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

Pass the link on....

Featured Link of the Day!!!

You all know where we at Stay Strong (and Jewel of course) stand on "Kindness" and the Power that goes along with Acts of Kindness!!

Well this site has an interesting and unique take on the concept!

I recommend you take a peek!

Enjoy and Stay Strong!!

Take a Look Around!

The important thing about a problem is not its solution, but the strength we gain in finding the solution” - Anonymous

One of my all time Favorite Recording artists is Barry Kingston.

He is the lead singer of Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls.

If you have not heard his music please check it out at His message is all about love, strength, inspiration and unity! And it ROCKS to boot!!

I urge you to check Barry's music and message out and make it part of your music compilation TODAY! You will not regret it!

One of Barry's songs is call "Take a Look Around" and it has moved me to write about the importance of this seemingly innocuous concept!

When you feel you are up against a wall of negativity, despair, fear, and troubles - the first thing you must do is Stop and Take a Look Around!

Often the prospects of fear and danger put us into a sort of Tunnel Vision that forces us to focus strictly on our problems and fears!

As discussed previously - this then allows all of our negative thoughts to COMPOUND (for more on Combatting Negative Compounding please visit and we feel overwhelmed immediately!

So - Take a Look Around you and realize that WHATEVER it is that is weighing on your shoulders -- be it work, personal, family, financial, etc -- YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggles!

Take a look around and see all the people like you who are in the same (or similar) battles and stuggles!

Take a look around at all you have that is positive in your life and FOCUS on those things - NOT on the issue that seems insurmountable!

Take a look around and FIND a SOLUTION! There is ALWAYS a solution waiting to be found!

So many times we spend "1000 times" the effort and time and worry focusing on the problems we face and the "possible" catastrophic outcome that inevitably does not arrive - instead of working and focusing on the SOLUTION!!!

If faced with a problem -- ACCEPT that it happened and do not beat yourself up over it!


Enlist the advice and assistance of friends and families -- they are always willing to help you in some manner!

Take a look around for some signs of HOPE and PROMISE of a brighter day and the resolution of the issue that has you distraught at this time!

Take a look around -- the Dark is not so Dark when you do and you realize that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE in this journey!!

Never Quit and Stay Strong!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

It WILL get Better...It ALWAYS does!!

I am inspired to write yet again today after several separate discussions with some friends of mine today.

Three separate friends, three separate circumstances and challenges they are facing that are causing them stress, fear, frustration and rapidly approaching despair!

I must stress that NO MATTER how dark things get, no matter how dire situations appear to be in the moment, and no matter how alone you feel - IT WILL GET BETTER and YOU WILL BE OK!!

Trust me - this is a fact!!

The only thing you can do in any difficult and challenging period is the following:


Allowing your fears and negative thoughts to pile up, compound, and swarm your mind will only serve to overwhelm and bury you!


YOU are in charge of your thoughts - no one else! So recapture control and remember that everything WILL BE OK!


There is always someone there for you! No one is perfectly happy and perfectly secure - despite outward appearances! So utilize your friends and family for strength! They are there for you - and all you need is a morsel of support to pull yourself back up above water! Often it is someone you least suspect that will be there for you and HELP YOU out of this TEMPORARY hole!

3. This too SHALL PASS!

Nothing is permanent - even if this is the worst situation you have ever experienced and you tell yourself "THERE IS NO WAY THIS WILL PASS" - IT WILL PASS! Tell yourself over and over again --- afterall, you beat yourself up all the time about being wrong about things - so why do you INSIST you are right this time about the situation being "permanent"

4. Focus on HOPE and ACT!

I do not care what your situation - All I advise, regardless of where you are, is to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!! NEVER Roll over and surrender to your negative thoughts!! FIGHT and Keep your EYES on the next steps you MUST take to keep traveling on this wonderful (and often challenging) journey called LIFE!

Rich poor alone married children single fat skinny sad happy depressed frustrated - I don't care which - YOU CONTROL your destiny and CAN CHANGE EVERY aspect of your life TODAY!!

Do NOT LOSE HOPE - DO NOT roll over and give in - PEOPLE believe in YOU - Now it is YOUR TURN!!!! Why wouldn't you when others see so much promise in you? Who are YOU to just give up and quit?? We NEED you to FIGHT!!!

Step back from the situation - use your friends and family to gather ANY positives you can and then COMPOUND those ideas -- not the present situation!!

The future is BRIGHT -- EVEN if you fail to believe it now!!

Stay Stong and Fight!!

The Story of John Challis - COURAGE like none we have ever seen!

The Courage to ACT!!!!

"A man who waits to believe in action before acting is anything you like, but he's not a man of action.. You must act as you breathe."

---Georges Clemenceau

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.

--Maxwell Maltz

Why Are YOU here??

When it all shakes out in the end, this is a question to which I hope we will receive an answer!
Why are we all here????

Until that appointed time it is necessary for us to attempt to gauge exactly why we are here during this exact time in history!

In order to do this, we have to start with one belief -- "We are all here for a Reason" (anarchists and atheists feel free to switch blogs - lol...)!!

I find it very hard to believe that any of us truly believe that there are some people placed here on this earth to lead, drive, subjugate, and live better than the others - while other are presumably placed here to be subjugated, serve others, follow, and drift aimlessly day in and day out!

You can be either! But you are not pre-destined to be one or the other!!

We need to face the fact that we may never fully understand our reason for being here or what our role is while we exist here - HOWEVER, that CANNOT preclude us from pursuing the life and the relationships, lifestyle, and purpose we CHOOSE!!!

Yes - We control our own destiny! We have the POWER to enact CHANGE in our lives - Beginning NOW!!

No one is going to hand you "change" -- We have to take it ourselves!! We need to CREATE our own positive change in our lives and we HAVE TO BELIEVE that we can do it!

Which group do you want to be in --- the one that follows, sits back, lamenting their own situation?

Or do you prefer the power of personal STRENGTH to lead others to positive change by example, to TAKE CONTROL of your life, to dictate your path and to experience the Beauty of living your life the way you wish to live it?

It takes STRENGTH of spirit, and resolve, and persistence - but if you are ready to change your life - it is there for you to do!

Take the STEP!! Choose where you want to be - and MAKE IT HAPPEN ONE ACTION at a time!

I BELIEVE IN YOU and I am 100% CERTAIN you have the strength, drive and ability to Take That First Step!

The NEW YOU is waiting --- what do you have to lose?

God Bless and Stay Strong!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

No More Delays!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!

Just like the band of our Founding Fathers got together and decided to cut all ties with their Mother Country and risk their lives for Freedom, so do we all have a decision to make! Today!

Perhaps not nearly as dramatic a decision as the Signers of the Constitution had made, but a life altering decision nonetheless!

Decide if you want to change your life to be more positive!

The beauty of "change" is that is can occur at the drop of a hat - it can start right this very instant! All you need to do is DECIDE and then take that first step!

Decide you want to be in better shape!! Well - Right this second put on some sneakers and open the door and go for a walk or a jog! RIGHT NOW!!


Want to quit an addiction? DECIDE to STOP right this second and begin the fight to better yourself!

Want to have a better Career?? DECIDE to make a change and open up the computer and start amending/writing the resume!

EVERYTHING we want is there for the taking in this wonderful world of ours - if we simply DECIDE to make a change and the TAKE JUST ONE STEP!!

Do you want it enough to take one Baby Step??

Stay Strong!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


"I am well aware of the toll and blood and treasure it will cost us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these states. Yet through all the gloom I see the rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the end is worth all the means. This is our day of deliverance."
-John Adams, The American Revolution

Wishing you all a Safe and Wonderful Fourth of July, Independence Day weekend!

Take the time this weekend to slow down, realize that life is not a race or a competition, but instead it is about the small, meaningful things that we often overlook - Family, Friends, Compassion, and Unity! Enjoy a cocktail, a soda, some hotdogs, some ice cream - and celebrate all of the Blessings in all of our lives!

We still live in the Greatest Nation in the World and even though we face many challenges as a country at this time, our roots are sewn in Greatness, Leadership, Perseverance, Courage and of course - STRENGTH! That is what we should remember this weekend!

Think of the magnitude of STRENGTH and Courage it must have taken for our Founding Fathers to decide to go it alone - turn away from the only security they had really known, and RISK the liberties, Freedoms, and LIVES of themselves and their families on a notion that most at the time viewed as Foolhardy and IMPOSSIBLE!!

Because of this group of Brave and Courageous Visionaries (and obviously Risk Takers) we are able to live our lives in Freedom and enjoy all the Blessings that Freedom entails!

Be Safe- Enjoy and Reflect --- Share and Love -Forgive - and of course, as always -


God Bless You all and God Bless America!

Courage To Believe -- DO NOT MISS THIS STORY

Thanks to TOT for sending this testament to the Strength of Belief and Life!

Please take a few minutes to watch this -- it needs no commentary and could be all you need to change your perspective on life, courage, and the true meaning of Strength!!

Stay Strong...

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Two Sides" - Posted by "TeachU"....

To Stay Strong...

Two sides...

Two sided...

When all looks Bleak- Remember there is another side!

When your day is Phenomenal-Remember there is another side!

It's ok to remember there are TWO SIDES to every coin!

However - It's not Ok to be two sided/two faced!

Be who you are, now, tomorrow and hopefully yesterday you were who you are, and if not- it's OK!

Two sides.. Knowing who you were will help you be who you want to be.

Now take CIMS advice and Allied Effort's advice and teach those, who are, to be polished on both sides.

Have a great day and be who you are!

---- "Teach U"

"How" do you MEASURE UP?

If you stop to think about it, it is truly scary how much of our days/lives are wasted on "Measuring" ourselves against a plethora of factors with the goal of understanding our true worth!

We are constantly taking measure of our "perceived" value, worth, attractiveness, likability, success, etc and constantly judging ourselves against external variables!

Now, some might say this is natural and a way of competing and charting progress - and that has some truth to it indeed.

What I wish to impart on you is that the notion of constantly measuring yourself against external factors is a "NO-Win" Situation!

We like to advocate "Win-Win" situations and this is clearly the opposite!

Why? Because NO MATTER how great you are, how attractive, thin, fast, rich, beautiful, intelligent you are - there will ALWAYS be someone MORE "X" than you! It is inevitable!

In the case of a Tiger Woods - he is on Top now - but like every other SuperStar athlete, singer, actress -- at some point EVERYONE gets passed by another person.
And if you base your whole life and value on being "Numero Uno" -- this cannot be a very happy experience on the downside of your talents!

If you are basing your entire Net Worth, Self-esteem, and Values on this type of Measurement, is it not clear that you are setting yourself up for eventual and inevitable failure?

To clarify - We STRONGLY BELIEVE in striving for excellence, growth, success, and to reach the heights in every single endeavor you undertake! This is a given and we do not mean for you to EVER cease in your pursuits with all the passion and effort you can muster!

Absolutely not! ALWAYS drive for Tiger Woods-like excellence and accomplishments!

All we are trying to make you aware of is that to base your own self-worth and values on constantly measuring yourself on "external factors" will only lead you to disappointment and sadness.

So keep striving to be the BEST at whatever it is you seek to do -- throw EVERYTHING at it and Do Not let up --- just make sure you are measuring yourself ABOVE and BEYOND the materialistic and external factors that so often define "success" in our culture!

Try to gauge where you stand in the following categories:

Friendship --- Are you a good friend, sister, brother, husband, wife, etc? Are you there for your "brothers and sisters" so to speak?

Compassion -- Are you compassionate and understanding with others in your life?

Kindness -- Where do you stack up when it comes to being kind to others and helping others in need?

Support -- How do you measure in the "supporting" people in need category? Are you supportive or detrimental to other's goals and wants?

These are just a few examples of what I mean by choosing carefully what you use to Measure Up in this crazy world!

Bank accounts, nice cars, big houses -- all of these are lovely and important in this world.

However, are these the types of things that you will let drive YOUR happiness factor? Do you think these things will truly bring you JOY?

Remember -- history is paved with people of phenomenal wealth, opulence and material possessions who died alone, unhappy, and miserable!

Balance your choices -- and THINK CAREFULLY the next time you take stock in your "value" on this earth -

What "Measures" Are You Using for "success"????

Keep Striving for Excellence -- it is yours if you can just envision it -- and Stay Strong!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"What are the Rules"??

Let's play a game!

What if I told you we were going to play a game whose length of play is variable and unknown. We will play this game together, but we can team up or go it alone or do a little bit of both. There are many different interpretations of how best to play this game, but everyone plays the game differently and at their own pace!

Here is the only catch --- I can only let you know the Rules of this Game AFTER the game is completed!

Have you ever played a Game like this before?

You have and it is called 'LIFE"!

Think about how crazy life is --- We all set out on the same path with a destination ahead and we are given multiple possible ways/rules to utilize in this "Game" of life - but no one knows for sure if they are playing the game properly, correctly, in line with the way it was intended, etc!

We have many guides, parents, mentors, teachers - ALL of them with their own ideas of how the game ought to be played - but the TRUTH of the matter is that none of these people really UNDERSTAND the Rules and even more importantly - do not know the OBJECTIVE of the Game!

So what occurs?

People adopt their own rules and objectives! Everyone identifying the way they want to play and hitting the field running!

So what path we choose - what Rules we choose - and what we interpret as the Objective of this Game is completely up to us to divine and pursue!

Remember - -we will not get the true Rules of this game until we are finished - so my tip to all of us is that no matter what path or set of rules we pursue -- make sure they include 'Kindness"!

I hate to have to quote Jewel but she nailed it -- "In the end, Only KINDNESS matters" -

So Play the Game you want to play -play it with the best of your abilities - but do not forget how the RULES you choose to play by AFFECT the other people in your lives!

"In the end.. Only Kindness matters!"

And I have Faith that when the Rules are finally discovered - Kindness to your fellow "players" - i.e., our neighbors, family, and friends - will play a MAJOR role in how we are viewed as having played this game of Life!

Stay Strong!!