Monday, November 20, 2017

In All Circumstances

'Give thanks in ALL circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
   (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV)

Are you giving thanks in every circumstance? 

This might seem like a stretch at first, especially when you are going through a season of difficulty. 

But notice today's verse doesn't say to give thanks "for" everything, it says give thanks "in" everything. 

In other words, no matter what's going on, find something to be thankful for. 

Don't just focus on what's wrong in your life; focus on what God will do in your life.

When you are thankful, it opens the door for God to move on your behalf. 

That's why it says "this is God's will for you." 

He wants you to be close to Him to receive His strength and power by giving thanks. 

That's why we should always have the attitude that says, "God, in spite of what's happened, I choose to be grateful." 

"I may be sick, but Father, thank You for being my healer."

"Thank You for giving me great friends and family." 


"I may be struggling in my marriage, but God, thank You for being my restorer. Thank You for giving me another sunrise." 

As you give thanks in everything, you will see God's hand move mightily on your behalf, and you'll come out of that difficulty better, stronger and wiser than before.

A Prayer for Today

"Father God, today I choose to give You thanks in all things! I know that You are a good God, and You have good plans in store for my future. I bless You and thank You for another day to sing Your praise in Jesus' name! 

Stay Strong and God Bless!!!

From Today's Word 

Friday, November 10, 2017

File it Away....

"Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor my eyes lofty. Neither do I concern myself with great matters, nor with things too profound for me."
(Psalm 131:1, NKJV)

When things happen in your life that you don't plan, do you find yourself trying to reason it all out or look for a "file," so to speak, in your mind to put it in? 

What happens when you can't reason it out or make sense of it all?

Here's the answer: 

Every one of us needs to create a file in our thinking called the "I Don't Understand It" file. 

When things come up that don't make sense, things that you can't figure out, instead of getting frustrated or confused, put it in your 
"I Don't Understand It" file and leave it alone. 

If you go through life trying to figure out why something bad happened or why things didn't work out, it will cause you to become bitter and stuck in life. 

Part of trusting God means trusting Him when things don't make sense because we know that His plan is always for good. 

We have to know that He will reveal all things in His time—even if that means in eternity.

Is there something that didn't make sense in 2017 that you know you need to file away? 

Choose to trust God. 

Choose to keep moving forward. 

Know that He loves you, 

He is for you, and He has a great plan for your future!

A Prayer for Today

"Father, today I surrender my past. I surrender my need to have all the answers, and I choose to trust You. Fill me with Your peace. Fill me with Your grace and compassion as I press forward into the victory You have prepared for me in Jesus' name. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

I Will Rise

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise…"
(Micah 7:8, NIV)

Anytime you set out to do something great in life, there will be critics. 

If you're going to be a great business person, coach, student, leader or employee, there will be opposition. 

The more success you have, the more opportunities there will be for distractions. 

The higher you go, the more haters will come out. 

When you start stretching to a new level and pursuing what God has placed in your heart, the jealous people, the critical people, and the small-minded people come out of the woodwork and start making negative comments, but you don't have to let that distract you.

If you are under pressure today, if the critical voices are coming against you, know that it's because you are making a difference. 

Don't let them throw you off course!! 

Instead, dig your heels in, set your face like a flint, and say, "I will not get distracted. 
I will not get drawn into battles that don't matter. 
It doesn't matter what others think; it matters what God thinks!"

Today, look beyond the critics!!

Stand STRONG in adversity. 

Press forward to what lies ahead and win the prize of life that He has prepared for you!

A Prayer for Today

"Father, today I choose to let go of the negative voices, offenses and hurts from critical voices. I choose to focus on You and the good plan You have for me. Give me Your peace and joy as I move forward in the victory You have prepared for me in Jesus' name! 

From "Today's Word "


Tuesday, October 3, 2017


As a very wise man once said to me while I was worrying about something for a while: 

"You've tried to control and do it YOUR OWN way your entire life, how is that working out for you?  Perhaps it's time to let someone else worry about it a bit?" 

Sage advice! 

If things are not working out as well as you had hoped, and you are doing it your own way, perhaps we have little to lose by handing it over to the Lord and let Him take a shot at It? 


Stay Strong!!!

"Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him…"
(Psalm 37:7, NKJV)

Are you struggling with trying to make a dream come to pass? 

Are you frustrated in a relationship, trying to make someone else change or live right? 

You may mean well, you may have good goals, but if you are trying to orchestrate things to happen your way on your timetable, you are only going to frustrate yourself. 

At some point, you have to turn those circumstances over to God and TRUST that He has your best interest at heart.

How do you turn things over to God? 

Start by making the choice and declaring your resolve. 

Simply say, 

"Father, I choose to let You be God of this situation. 

I take my hands off.
I trust You." 

Then, choose to worship Him. 

Worship is one of the best ways to set your heart and mind in the right place. 

You can't worry and worship at the same time! 

Worship is a sign that you are trusting God; worry is a sign that you are trying to control things.

Today, take the pressure off of yourself and turn things over to God. 

Give Him control and let Him take your setbacks and turn them into comebacks. 

Remember, the God who holds the universe holds you in the palm of His hand. 

TRUST Him and let God be God in every area of your life!

A Prayer for Today

"Father, today I choose to release every care and concern into Your loving hands. I refuse to worry and choose to trust. Fill me with Your peace. Show me Your ways as I surrender every area of my heart and life to You in Jesus' name. 

From "Today's Word"

Stay Strong 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Release Total Control

"Those who Hope in me will not be disappointed."
(Isaiah 49:23, NIV)

Never Disappointed


What a powerful promise we have from Almighty God! 

When we put our hope in Him, we will NEVER be disappointed. 


Of course, that doesn't mean that things will always go our way. 

There may be "temporary" disappointments, but we will NEVER be permanently disappointed. 

Somewhere down the road, God will cause it to all work out for our good. 

With God on your side, you will  ALWAYS end in victory!

Are you carrying frustration, worry or aggravation about something? 

That's usually a clear sign that your hope is in the wrong place. 

If you hope in circumstances, it will deplete you of joy and peace. 

But when you turn those circumstances over to God, when you refuse to worry, when you refuse to allow the temporary things of this world to dictate your happiness, that's when God can do a work in your life. 

When you TRUST in Him, He will make your crooked places straight; 

He will cause you to mount up with wings like the eagle.

Today, choose to put your hope in the Father. 

You won't be disappointed. 

Trust Him because He is faithful. 

Find rest for your soul in knowing that He is good, and He has good things in store for your future!

A Prayer for Today

"Father, today I give You every frustration, every aggravation, every difficulty. I release total control into Your loving and able hands. Speak to my heart and give me Your peace. Show me Your love as I place my hope in You in Jesus' name. 

Stay Strong!!!

From "Today's Word"

Monday, September 25, 2017


Happy Monday All!!  

Just another calendar day in the week - Do not let it get you down!  

"Monday" offers just as much promise and HOPE as any other day of the week!  

WE define it!  

WE choose what type of day today will be!!

Not the other way around! :)  

Stay Strong!


"What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"
            (Romans 8:31, NIV)

On Your Side!

Joshua chapter six tells the story about how the odds were stacked against Joshua and the people of Israel. 

They were standing at the massive walls of Jericho that many thought were impenetrable.

I'm sure as he was standing before the well-fortified walls and gates of the city, many around him didn't think his future was too bright. 

But you see Joshua had something others overlooked; he had the promise of Almighty God. 

Joshua had faith because He knew God was on His side, and God had already determined the victory. 

Sure enough, just as God promised, the people marched around the city for six days, and on the seventh day, they shouted the victory and the walls came tumbling down!

Today, don't look at the walls in your life; look at the promise of God. 

He is for you, and if God is for you, NOTHING can stand against you. 

Get a vision of victory and don't let it go. 

Keep moving forward in faith and obedience knowing that when you do, the Most High God is on your side!

A Prayer for Today

"Father God, thank You for Your favor, grace and victory in my life. I choose to trust You. I choose to follow Your leading. I choose to be faithful to You because You are faithful to me. I love You and bless You in Jesus' name. 

From Today's Word 

Stay Strong!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Drained? Rise up!!!

"He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength."
(Isaiah 40:29, NKJV)

Everyone goes through seasons in life that seem overwhelming; times when you've felt drained of strength and power. 

But you haven't been left without hope. 

You haven't been left without an answer. 

The God of heaven and earth is near you, and He promises to give you strength and might to overcome.

Where does this strength and power come from? 

It comes directly from Him. 

When you connect with Him, you are connecting to your power source. 

It's like plugging a lamp into a light socket. 

You "plug in" through prayer, reading the Word and worshipping Him. 

You "turn on" the switch by the words of your mouth—by declaring what God says.

Remember, you don't have to let the difficult times overwhelm you. 

Rise up and connect with Him because He is your source of strength! 

He promises to equip and empower you for victory in every area of your life!

A Prayer for Today

"Heavenly Father, thank You for Your favor, strength and grace at work in my life. I turn my focus on You today. I turn my thoughts on You. I set my heart and love upon You because You are good. Thank You for filling me with strength, might and power to overcome in Jesus' name! 

From Today's Word 

Stay Strong!!