Monday, July 12, 2010

Everybody is Hurting -- YOU are needed!

Everyone is hurting right now!

I mean, just look around you - speak with anyone, witness all that is happening in our daily lives, in this country, this world, our own little lives, and you can only come to one conclusion:

EVERYONE, in some shape or form, is hurting right now!!

This period of struggle seems to have caught everyone in it's web - all to varying degrees - but no one seems to be escaping it very easily!!!

Go to a party and you will hear the same conversation about the economy, the country, the oil spill, the unemployment rate, in my town specifically - coyote!

We must embrace this fact and accept that it may get harder before it gets easier!  The writing is on the wall!

However -- no matter your situation, you MUST BELIEVE that it is going to get better!!

We are all in this mess together!  Perhaps a few people are faring better than some others, but that divide and gap has shrunk significantly -- and you cannot help but notice when you really take a look at what people have going on!

Take solace in that fact that we are all facing similar challenges -- financial, emotional, relationships - and that we all must rely on one another for the strength to pull out of this funk and reach that place of joy, peace and happiness that we ALL come to eventually!!

The fact that we will inevitably get there should be enough to lift the veil of gloom and doom, depression, and anxiety that has engulfed many of us - and remember, even the strongest among us succumb to these thoughts of despair and woe at times!

The difference is that WE ALL can pull out of the tail spin that overwhelms us by fighting off the urge to give in - fighting the urge to allow the tidal wave of negativity that sits and awaits the appropriate moment to drown us - when we are most vulnerable -- and saying NO- I will NOT succumb!  I will not surrrender!  I will not allow my life to be defined by the type of clothes I wear, club I do or do not belong to, car I drive, house I live in, etc!!!!

The wisest men/women realize early WHAT IS IMPORTANT and it is generally those few who possess that elusive peace, joy and happiness that we are all entitled to behold!!

Nothing is stopping YOU from being one of these people except your perspective and your mind!

If we all started with the baseline belief that just being above the dirt makes us HAPPY - special, fortunate - and be grateful for this one fact -- we would be well served and on the right path to Joy and peace!

If we are above the dirt AND healthy -- we ought to be on our knees thanking the Good Lord every minute of every single day!!

If we are alive, healthy and have someone in our lives (spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, brothers/sisters, parents, children, etc) who love us -- that right there is a list of THREE AMAZING GIFTS that I personally guarantee EVERYONE reading this post already possesses!!!

How can life be TERRIBLE if we have these things????   It is almost impossible!! 

But we are human and we tend to muck the waters by letting our EGOs take over!

Suddenly, these three things above are barely noticed and taken for granted - and replaced with competition as to who is better than whom and owns more than whom, etc.

All for what?  To what end? 

And most importantly -- rarely if ever (over the span of time and history) does it lead to either peace, happiness, or joy!

So why do we make it the focal point of our lives???!!!!   Why do these things that do not last, have zero meaning or long-term value, and do not bring us lasting joy or happiness RUN OUR LIVES and take up 99% of our waking (and sleeping) moments??  It is insane!!!

Do me a favor -- DO NOT take for granted the three cornerstones of your life mentioned above! 

Start there every morning and give thanks for possessing these and end your day giving thanks for these!!!  Sadly, the only way we really put value in these Gifts -- and they truly are GIFTS  - is when we no longer have them!

Do not let this happen to you!!

Pursue daily those things that MATTER!  Love, Kindness, Assistance, Strength, Support --- all the things that we KNOW bring Joy and Peace!!!  All the things that ENDURE and MATTER!!!

Fight the urge to compete with everyone for material gain!!!

EVERYONE is hurting right now and you could throw a rock and hit someone in need of YOUR support, kindness, your shoulder to lean on, your inspiration, your strength!!! 

It does not cost money, you do not need to be a CEO or own 5 homes or drive a Lamborghini to be this person  (but you can still do this if all the above apply as well..)!!

Reach out and BE THAT PERSON TODAY!!!