Friday, May 22, 2009

3 Proven Steps to "Dig You Out" and Heal in no time...

We are all susceptible to that creep of despair, uncertainty, anxiety, fear and worry no matter how strong we fashion ourselves to be.

Even more frustrating is the fact that we can feel absolutely invincible - on top of the world one week (or day) - only to find ourselves in the throes of doubting and anxiety the very next!!

It can be maddening indeed! At least until we get more consistent with our "mind work" and our "Mental Aces in the Hole" (MAITHs).

Well - critical to avoiding this trap and shortening the periods of time between the peaks and valleys of our moods and attitudes is the ability to "snap back" or "dig out" of the trough!

This can be done relatively easily but it takes some practice before it becomes second-hand!

Here are some tips on mastering this important catalyst:

1. Ask the Holy Spirit for Guidance! The Holy Spirit is at our disposal for guidance and assistance in achieving Joy and Peace! This is His only mission, objective and goal! The only "catch" is that WE have to invite Him! He will not impose Himself on us but once we ask - He will DELIVER. Therefore, take the time daily to ask for guidance, invite Him into your life and hand over all your fears, worries, and anxieties to Him! It NEVER fails.

2. Shift focus from what YOU want and need to helping out another person in need!! Seek out those who are suffering, confused, or facing a battle of their own! You will b e shocked how quickly YOU feel better helping someone else with their own struggles! Like inviting the Holy Spirit to handle your problems and reveal the Joy and Peace we all have waiting for us, this is also foolproof - and there is never a shortage of people in need of your support, smile, shoulder to lean on, or kind words!!

3. Focus on the NEXT Thing to come - not on your current situation! The surest way to stay stuck and mired in your present strife is to remain focused on it! Stop right now and close your eyes! Forget about your financial woes, your lack of whatever you want or need, and instead picture what you WANT!! What would make you happy right now if it were to be your present state? What do you WANT to become, do, visit, etc?? Focus on how that future state of joy and peace make you feel! Amazingly different than you felt 5 minutes ago I bet!

I know- I do it constantly! And it works wonders!!

Now take that future state of joy and peace you can almost taste and apply a PLAN to getting there! ATTRACT people and circumstances into your life by remaining faithful and positive on what it is you WANT - not where you are now!!

If you do these 3 steps you will be amazed at how great your life will become, how much more fulfilling life will be - and how quickly Peace, love, happiness and Joy come into your reality!

Just as the Lord has arranged it!!

Clear the clouds of illusion that your mind and ego have created and embrace Reality!!

It is waiting for you!

Stay Strong!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recommended Site of the Week

If you enjoy Blogs and eclectic topics you must check out Condron is like a "channel Surfer" for Blogs and exposes you easily to a multitude of different Blogs!

Try it today!

To Have All, Give All....

None of us can do anything worthwhile alone! Whether we recognize it or not, We all need each other to reach Peace and Joy!

We are all tied together as Brothers and Sisters with One Father and we cannot reach our Goal of Peace and Joy without helping our Brothers and Sisters get there as well!

So often we get so mired in our own little worlds, our own dramas and problems that we close ourselves off from the rest of the World!

We make our own trials and tribulations the centerpiece of our existence and remain so focused on these things that we miss the Big Picture!

Think about it - when our earthly bodies are dead and buried, or in those last few moments of our earthly lives before we pass to the Father's Kingdom - is there any real thought of a mortgage payment, a car payment, credit card bills, job, career or work worries?

No - of course not! All these things that consume our daily thoughts and create endless worry, anxiety, and pain for us and everyone around us WILL PASS!!

They really do not matter in the Grand Scheme of things and even though they are a fact of life, we cannot let these things overwhelm our lives!

Give All to Get All is a simple concept. Shift all of your focus from your problems and ceaseless worry to HELPING someone else with THEIR problems and issues!

There is no more of a sure thing to jolt you out of worry and fear than to set your mind, heart and soul to HELP mode and reach out to a Brother or Sister in need of comfort, a laugh, a smile, an ear, or a shoulder to lean on as they fight their daily battles!!

Give ALL to get all! It works wonders and puts things into perspective!!!

Try it today - and you will be amazed at how great you will feel - regardless of your current state of mind!

Stay Strong!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Featured Site of the Week

True Strength comes from Faith and Belief in who we are, what we are, and why we are here.

This site captures the essence of that core Faith and lends ideas on how to achieve the Secret of Happiness, Joy and Peace in all of our lives!

It is as simple as asking for Guidance and Seeking the Right Path!

Stay Strong and enjoy...