Friday, October 31, 2008

Prayers are WORKING!! Thank you! More Needed!

Thank you for all your Prayers - they are already Working for Pepe!!

Please keep 'em coming for all of our recipients!


Subject: Prayer result update

Much has been said about Miracle.
Much has been said about prayer.
Fact is in the pudding!
As I went out to my new Spiritual"kabalah-man" DFresh from Melrose, Ma(originally) and asked for his congregational prayers for our dear Pepe

Low and behold-I'm happy to report that good old Pep is much better than 48 hr. ago-

No he's not out of the woods, but from what I hear today Mem was very pleased to see Pep's alertness when she entered his room today.

When his daughter mentioned A & Cork- again his spirit kicked-up.

Keep the prayers rolling for strength & healing.

In my selfish request for others to pray for a loved one-It has been brought to my attention that others too could use prayers for strength & healing.

I'm a firm believer that God acts on #'s, please remember when we ask for his help, we make time to pray not only for the one closest to us, but for the other one or two who are close to a friend, or friend of a friend.

- Teach U

More prayers needed!!

Thank you all for your prayers!!! They will work miracles!!

I ask you now to continue praying for Pepe, but also for 2 other family members in need of it today!!!

All three of these great people need our strength and prayers of Faith today and going forward!!

Thank you all... Stay Strong!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Asking for your Prayers for Strength!!

We ask all of you to kindly pray for my Sister-in-Law's Dad, Pepe, who is in great need of strength and health as he fights his battle for recovery!

Please include him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy and full recovery, as well as his entire family for strength, courage and FAITH during this challenging period!

We are with you, Pepe! Stay Strong!

Thank you, All --

Sustaining Love

Yet again we bring you an exercise in Peace and Security from our friends at "A Course in Miracles".

But first I will preface their wisdom with this thought: Remember as a child when we would pretend to be sick for school and inevitably the longer we pretended, the more we felt truly sick?

Well it is true for anything we TELL OUR MINDS!!

Think about it!!!

The problem is that we have already trained our minds to believe some false realities and we have convinvced ourselves of certain "truths" that are actually "illusions".

We hold the power in our hearts and minds to lead the life we choose - to be joyous, peaceful, and secure!

But only if we accept the FACT that we create our own reality tbrough our thought patterns and belief windows!!!

Act and pretend to be HAPPY - you will be amazed how quickly your mind will pick up on that feeling and make it a REALITY!! A TRUTH!!

Try it.. Please continue reading below..


I am Sustained by the Love of God

Here is the answer to every problem that will confront you, today, tomorrow, and throughout time.

In this world, you believe you are sustained by EVERYTHING BUT GOD.

Your faith is placed in the most trivial and insane symbols; pills, money, "protective" clothing, influence, prestige, being liked, knowing the "right" people, and an endless list of forms of nothingness that you endow with magical powers.

All of these things are your replacement for the Love of God. All of these things are cherished to insure a body identification. They are songs of praise to the Ego.

Do not put your Faith in the worthless. It will NOT sustain you.

Only the Love of God will protect you in all circumstances. It will lift you out of every trial, and raise you high above all the perceived dangers in this world into a climate of perfect peace and safety.

It will transport you into a state of mind that NOTHING can threaten, NOTHING can disturb, and where nothing can intrude upon the eternal calm of the Son of God.

Put not your Faith in illusions. They will fail you. Put all of your faith in the Love of God within you; eternal, changeless and forever unfailing.

THIS is the answer to whatever confronts you today!

Through the Love of God within you, you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort and in sure confidence.

Tell yourself this often today!

It is a Declaration of Release from the belief in idols. It is the acknowledgement of the TRUTH about yourself!
For ten minutes today, twice, once in morning and once in the evening, let the idea for today sink into your consciousness.

Think about it, repeat it, let related thoughts come to help you recognize it's Truth, and allow PEACE to flow over you like a blanket of surety and protection.

Let no idle or foolish thoughts enter to disturb your holy mind. Such is the Kingdom of Heaven and such is the resting place where your Father has placed you.

Tell yourself this often today!

Stay Strong!

Monday, October 27, 2008

News Flash: There is Nothing to Fear!!

This also comes from our friends at "A Course in Miracles"... Enjoy and take it to heart - because it WILL change your life if you allow it to!!

The choice is all yours!


There is Nothing to Fear

Today's idea simply states a fact. It is not a fact to those who believe in illusions, but illusions are not facts.

In Truth there is nothing to fear. It is very easy to recognize this. But it is very difficult to recognize this for those who WANT illusions to be true.

Today's exercise is to repeat the idea as often as possible.

You can use it with your eyes open at any time and in ANY situation.

However, it is highly recommended that you take a minute or so whenever possible to close your eyes and repeat the idea SLOWLY to yourself.

It is particularly important that you use the idea immediately should ANYTHING disturb your peace of mind.
The mere presence of FEAR is a certain and sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength!!

The awareness that there is nothing to fear shows that somewhere in your mind, though not necessarily in a place that you recognize as yet, you have REMEMBERED GOD and let HIS strength take the place of your weakness.

The very instant you are willing to do this, there indeed IS NOTHING TO FEAR.

Stay Strong!!! Believe!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

God is the Strength in which I Trust!

This is from our friends at "A Course in Miracles". It takes an open mind to understand and accept the Power behind it's meaning. God can mean so much to so many different people, but if it is more palatable for you to replace the word "God" with Universe, Divine Being, etc -according to your own beliefs - in order to Believe, then by all means please do.

For me the word God rings true in this exercise. It is the ultimate MAITH to call upon in times of weakness, fear, doubt, despair and concern.

And if you truly BELIEVE what it is saying, there is no STRENGTH more powerful or more apt to lead you to Peace and Joy than this one!

Open your mind -- Give it a try - what do you have to lose?


God is the Strength in which I Trust!

If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to feel apprehensive, fearful, and anxious!

What can you predict or control?
What is there in you that can be counted on? What would give you the ability to be aware of all the facets of any problem, and to resolve them in such a way that ONLY good can come from it?

What is in you that gives you the recognition of the right solution, and the GUARANTEE that it will be accomplished?

Of yourself you can do none of these things. To believe that you can is to put your trust where your trust is unwarranted, and to JUSTIFY fear, anger, depression, anxiety and sorrow.

Who can put his faith in weakness and feel safe?

Yet who can put his faith in Strength and feel WEAK?

God is your safety in every circumstance. His voice speaks for Him in all situations and in every aspect of all situations, TELLING you what to do to call upon His Strength and His Protection!

There are no exceptions because God has no exceptions. And the Voice which speaks for him thinks as He does.

Today we will try to reach past your own weakness to the Source of Real Strength!

Close your eyes and repeat the idea of the day. Then spend a minute or two searching for situations in your life which you have invested with FEAR, dismissing each one by telling yourself:

"God is the Strength in which I Trust",

Now try to slip past all concerns related to your own sense of inadequacy.

It is obvious that any situation that causes you concern is associated with feelings of inadequacy, or else you would believe that you could deal with the situation successfully.

It is not by trusting yourself that you will gain confidence.

But the Strength of God in you is sucessful in all things.

The recognition of your own frailty is a necessary step in the correction of your errors and misconceptions, but it is hardly a sufficient one in giving you the confidence you NEED, and to which you are ENTITLED.

You must also gain in awareness that confidence in your REAL STRENGTH is fully justified in all respects and in EVERY circumstance.

Try to use this exercise to really reach down into your mind to a place of real SAFETY. You will recognize that you have reached it if you feel a sense of deep PEACE, even if only for a brief instant.

Let go all the trivial things and concerns that churn and bubble on the surface of your mind, and reach down below them to the Kingdom of Heaven.

There IS a place within you now where there is Perfect Peace.

There is a place within you where NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

There is a place inside you where the STRENGTH of GOD abides.

During the day, repeat the idea often.

Use it as your answer to any disturbance.

Remember Peace is your RIGHT because you are giving your Trust to the STRENGTH of God!

Stay Strong!!!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok - you can Say "Die" - but now what do you do?

Alright - Unfortunately I am forced to write on the other side of "Never Say Die" as the Boston Red Sox fell short of defending their 2007 World Series Champion Title in a Game 7 elimination loss to the seemingly destined Tamba Bay Devil Rays last night.

Thursday night we contemplated the "Never Say Die" Spirit and how we can never quit, never give up, keep battling until the fight is over.

Well, for the Red Sox Nation - it is over for 2008!

So now what?

Well, for me this period of disappointment that follows a hard-fought battle can go either way.

We can let the loss and sting of defeat linger and fester for days, weeks, even years if we let it.
We can get angry and hardened and bitter and as humans we are prone to allowing that to occur (if you are Irish on top of that, fugggedaboutit...) in perpetuity unless we consciously step in and squelch that pattern!


Or we can accept the defeat, process the disappointment and MOVE ON! Take open and honest evaluation of the situation. It was a great season, filled with excitement, courage, grit, and overcoming of many injuries and obstacles (I could write several pieces on that topic with this team) and although it is a disappointing ending, it is important to focus on the positives with any situation such as this one!

I am proud of their efforts, their accomplishments, and look forward to next year with HOPE and FAITH and BELIEF!

See - it ALL comes down to that triumvirate - Hope, Faith and Belief no matter whether you are riding high on the wave, or under the crush of waves trying to stay alfoat!

Therefore, the same trifecta that delivers us peace and joy is utilized and employed in times of Triumph, like Thursday night - or in times of Defeat, like last night! It does not matter the circumstances - they hold true through EVERYTHING and we must RELY on them!

Of course, I am using baseball merely as a parable to make my point clear, timely, and poignant but this point is really most applicable to our everyday lives!

We all have battles, challenges, obstacles and events that end in either Triumph or Defeat every day -- if we learn to react to both EQUALLY and calling on that Triumvirate of Hope, Faith and Belief no matter, we will never truly feel the sting of disappointment again!

Here is to looking forward to 2009 for Red Sox Nation -- and here is to today being the beginning of our "New" season - Starting NOW!!

Stay Strong!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Never.. Say... Die!!!

OK - I will try and keep this as "Baseball Team" agnostic as possible out of respect for our "Non-Sawx" readership.... But how about that game last night??!!! Wow

For those of you interested in reading about the exciting, amazing and glorious details of last night"s stunning Red Sox come-from-behind victory against the Rays to avoid elimination from the post-season, you can click here and then continue back to read more here on the lesson from last night's event..

Ok - Life events continue to scream valuable lessons to us and we are remiss if we do not pick up on them and indoctrinate them into our lives!

Facing severe and shockingly painful disappointment, backed against a cliff and facing an abyss below, having been dominated, beat up, embarrassed, controlled, and nothing you do or try has seemed to work to stop the beating and depair, seemingly out of bullets, arrows, rocks, fist power, with All Hope essentially lost ---SOMEHOW, with no time left before the world watches you plummet into the awaiting abyss, YOU FIND A WAY TO SAVE YOURSELF!!

That is what we witnessed last night in pure dramatic fashion!!! And it was AMAZING and UPLIFTING!!

Never say die! Never quit! As bad as it looks, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

We have heard all the cliches before and they all seem to be made of fairy tales - but last night demonstrated that no matter how bad things get - NEVER STOP BELIEVING - NEVER STOP HOPING for better times, results, outcomes!!

Because sometimes when you least expect it - A force impossible to comprehend can arrive and turn a HOPE into a REALITY!

But only if you are still in there fighting and battling and Believing!!! You have to stay in the game and NOT LET UP!

Now, last night was just a baseball game and in reality the worst outcome there would have been an early vacation for the Red Sox - not exactly life altering in the grand scheme of things!

However, the message from that drama last night is the same for all of us who are battling depression, disease, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, loss, lack of hope, love or joy!

NEVER! SAY! DIE!!! It is not over until it is over -- so keep swinging and believing and YOU WILL BE DELIVERED!!

You will be amazed how often you pull through to the positive outcome when you train your mind to BELIEVE, to embrace HOPE and POSITIVE thoughts in the face of loss and despair!!

Stay Strong and NEVER SAY DIE!!!!

Go Sawx. ( Sorry Robert et al..... ;)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Get "Young" Again!!

Ok - so maybe my being over-tired and compensating with too much caffeine has led me to writing this "Two-fer" Wednesday offering - but nonetheless I must do this as the moment moves me!

As I walked back to my office with my 11th cup of java (not really) I passed by a New York City rite of Fall - the Ice Skating Rink at Rockefeller Center! It is such a great venue and it really made me realize a few things about joy and peace!

Think back to your childhood right now! Remember those feelings of joy, carelessness, fun, safety and security?

What was it that allowed us to be that way as children (besides the lack of mortgage, responsibility, our own children, debt, conscience, etc - lol)??

For me it was the freedom and "new"-ness of everything!


Everything we did seemed exciting, brand new, full of hope and wonder, and awe and fun!!

From going to High School, to driving a car, first boy/girlfriends, going away to college, first jobs, moving away to a new place, first appartment..they all held the promise of a new opportunity to live your life, meet new people, be exposed to new experiences, and to grow as a person!

We as humans are Growth Seeking beings - we MUST seek to grow all the time or else we stagnate and grow frustrated, lazy, depressed and go against our very nature.

We MUST get back to that "child-like" growth and newness that brought us such joy! We have to re-capture that spirit of finding NEW OPPORTUNITIES by constantly challenging ourselves, trying new hobbies, testing our limits, pushing that envelope and opening yourself up to all this world offers us - both the good and the bad as well. Afterall, a major part of living fully is the trials and challenges we often face - but then overcome!!!

So endeavor to regain that freedom we had as young people (despite the fact that as adults we are often saddled with baggage, worries, and "grown-up' responsibilities that can age us quickly if we let them) - take that trip, ask that person what you want to ask them, join a new team sport, take a class, go back to school, run a marathon, raise money to fight a disease - volunteer - MEET new people!

Do not listen to conventional wisdom as those conventional people are generally miserable as a rule!

Grow and keep growing - no matter what shape or form that growth might come in -- it does not matter!

Set goals in all aspects of your life and track them closely!!!

The effort alone can change your life and outlook quickly and effectively!!

Stay Strong... And make mine a Decaf!!

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Tough Love

Ok - the time for Tough Love has arrived! No more coddling and holding back!!

Do you really believe that you DO NOT hold the key and all the POWER in your own happiness and peace?


Are you telling me that YOUR happiness and joy and peace is ONLY derived by someone else?? Or some material possession? Or someone's expectations of you??

You cannot really believe that - can you?

Within you - not outside, not externally - YOU have the POWER and ABILITY to change your mood, change your outlook, change your habits, change your LIFE!

No purchase necessary - no pre-requisite trainings or qualifiers - NOTHING but a STRONG and PERSISTENT adherence to your belief system!!!

What do you BELIEVE you are here to do?

Get a piece of paper and write it down right now!!

Now!!! (Lol - I like this tough love thing...)

If you cannot come up with an answer to write down you have just discovered a major part of the reason you are not content!!

If you have no answer then CREATE one based on what you WANT to be here to do in this short life!!

Think about it - WRITE IT DOWN!!

I cannot make you happy - nor can a new house, stereo, partner, car, etc...

ONLY YOU have the lever to sustain your happiness - ONLY you and your MIND can change your so-called lot in life!

For me it comes down to quiet reflection and repetition of specific mantras and MAITHs - all through the day - upon awakening and before hitting the pillow....

Think about it - we are creatures of habit and our minds are the most POWERFUL tool ever created!!! It can keep you miserable or take you to unknown heights of joy and euphoria!! Or just plain Peace! Whatever you like!!

I always thought the Human Mind ought to come with a Warning Label - "Do not operate under the influence of Negative moods!!!"

The mind will do WHATEVER you tell it to -so when you live in FEAR, Gloom, anxiety and negative stress, your mind will reinforce those feelings and moods and "compound" thoughts until you are out on the ledge of your building!!!

It does not have to be that way!

I tell my children, when they are fearful, nervous, or in need of Strength to repeat the following several times:

"God goes with me wherever I go"

Repeat it over and over and believe what it says - which is No Matter your trials, situation, troubles and worries, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!!

The Source of Joy and Peace is always next to you no matter what or where you go!!!

What an overwhelming feeling of peace, comfort, and security this creates when you train your mind to accept this belief!!!!

Try it - it works!!! But you MUST FREE your mind to get to that point!!!

Stay Strong and Take Control of your Destiny, your moods, your present and your Future!!

You have the Power but believe someone else or something else does!!

Change that now!!! It is as easy as changing your mind!

Go Get 'em!!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Courage to Start Anew

As we enjoy and reflect upon the meaning of today's Columbus Day Holiday in the US, it is interesting to extract the lessons we can learn and utilize from that courageous explorer.

Imagine the prospect facing Columbus as he first embarked on his mission to find the New World way back in 1492. Leaving behind all he knew and against the advice, warnings, and nay-sayers predictions of doom for him and his equally courageous crews, Columbus soldiered on with a drive and passion that made his life altering discovery possible!

Imagine, not only were there the dangers and fears of the "unknown" world facing them, but many believed the world was "still flat" and that the ships would simply drop off the cliff of the world into oblivion!

Nonetheless, they undertook this mission and endured horrific and shockingly painful conditions, situations, and bleak, despair-filled visions of their future only to make, in hindsight, one of the greatest discoveries in the history of the World!

How many times do you think they WANTED to turn back, give up, concede defeat and turn heel to head back to the safety and comfort of the world they knew??

How many days did they look over their bow and hope, pray, and sometimes actually think that they saw land???? Only to be severely and punishingly disappointed every time?

Probably every day for many months which is a severe trial on the mind and soul and the fact that they persevered and succeeded is incredulous and inspirational!

How many of us have been in that same exact predicament? Hoping and wanting and wishing for something to happen, only to have our spirits crushed and end up disappointed? All of us has had those moments and some of us are going through these feelings currently!

Well - what are our choices in the face of our own "endless ocean" in front of us with no land in sight?

That is easy - We have 2 choices!!

1 We simply quit! We call it a day - was a good effort, but life's victories are not for me - I do not have it in me to be successful - everyone else
Is better suited than me to be happy, successful, etc. I am going back in my hole and hope that things get better someday. We roll over and weakly give into our fears and live our lives without passion or joy.

2. We rely on our FAITH that staying in the game, believing in a Higher Power who guides us, doing the right thing with other people's happiness in mind, WE WILL PREVAIL!!

If you believe that others were put on this earth with better this, better that, etc than you than you are discounting your own worth and prospects!

No one is going to do it for you - and you possess the POWER to change your life NOW!! TODAY!!!

The Power of your Mind is limitless - the only challenge for you is BELIEVING it!!!

So today remember Columbus - you possess the same vision, ambition, passion, courage, and PERSEVERANCE as he did back in 1492!!

Now go and "discover" the Joy and Happiness and Peace that are yours to enjoy!!

Stay Strong!!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

What now?

Unless you have been living in a bunker or under a rock (which some pundits are actually advocating) the past few weeks, it is no surprise to you that we find ourselves in unprecedented times of crisis, fear, panic and despair.

This market "crash" has served as an equalizer in our society in that I do not know of one person -not a one - who has not already felt the impact of this situation!

Usually you will know some people who are affected by these type of markets, but I have never witnessed such a period of indiscriminate and complete hurting.

Everyone you encounter during your day is HURTING in some fashion or manner- and NEEDS your support, love, encouragement, words of belief and hope, and your love! They need to know EVERYTHING will be OK!

And guess what - it WILL BE OK!!

Talk about Negative Thought Compounding!! This financial crisis is the Textbook example of that concept!!

If we allow it, this crisis and the negativity that accompanies it will completely and totally overwhelm and envelop your entire mind and soul!!

Do not let this occur!! FIGHT IT!!

Stop listening to the pundits and turn off the TV! Go exercise, spend time with your family, friends - be there for others in need! Just being in the room for them can be enough to help boost their hopes and mood!

Take that action - do not bury your head in the sand and run!!

YOU be the one to stand up - lead by example - and Help your friends and family!!

This is bad - no question! But it is NOT the end of the world and YOU and I - all of us - will come through this!!

Has this crisis changed things dramatically? ABSOLUTELY! If it has exemplified one thing we have taught here many times it is THAT EVERYTHING PASSES! People who were riding high from the excesses of the past 10 years have now been severely damaged and are hurting. They need you now more than ever and it is probably even more painful for them! But we all need each other regardless of our situations!

Fear is a powerful and paralyzing emotion and it feeds on negative compounding - But it cannot BEAT us if we confront it and FOCUS on the fact that FEAR is man-made and can be eradicated with practice!!

Fear does not own you unless you allow it to do so!

So take a deep breath, relax, confide in your friends and family, seek support from loved ones, and most importantly remember THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS and YOU will be OK!!

I cannot say it enough!!!

Stay Strong - seek out those in need of comforting and love - and BE THERE for all who need it.

The World is looking to YOU to lead by example - show them the way to Peace and Joy!!!

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