Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ask and it will come!!

These days there is a seemingly over-abundance of negative news swirling around our heads!!

EVERYWHERE you turn it seems more bad news, negative situations, and Gloom & Doom commentary is being bandied about to the point of really affecting even the most positive person in a negative way!

We must be very careful to avoid this trap in these troubling and challenging times!

It is far too easy to allow our minds to fall in line with this overwhelmingly negative sentiment that has us in it's grasp!

This is a classic example of the negative "thought compounding" trap we have been discussing all this time and it is imperative that we identify it and snuff it out ASAP!

It is an amazing feeling to know that no matter how bleak things look, no matter how dark and gloomy the present and future appears-- THERE is NOTHING TO FEAR!!!!

Today I caught myself in a joyous and light mood walking the streets of midtown Manhattan at lunchtime - I didn't have a true, specific, identifiable reason to feel that way today or at that moment but the mood overtook me in spite of my current challenges, stresses, etc..

Now sure, I know I am blessed as you all are - with health, love, a great family and tremendous friends in my life -these things are a wonderful and powerful source of STRENGTH and JOY to me indeed! However, there are many days that we do not remember to reflect on those blessings and allow ourselves to develop into a little rut and feel down, apprehensive, fearful, even depressed! It happens to the best of us!

But remember it is only temporary and we can manage these emotions and overcome ANY OBSTACLE if we just try to do so!!

I know that my joyous and spontaneous mood today stemmed from my morning prayer asking for strength and joy and happiness from the Holy Spirit! I know for a fact that if we simply ASK for it, the Holy Spirit will deliver it to us! EVERY TIME!!! Without a doubt!

Do your best to ASK for Strength daily - ask for assistance and aid when in fear or doubt or trouble!

But most of all KNOW that you will be OK - no matter the circumstance you face, the situation in which you find yourself embroiled, or the lack of light you perceive at the end of that dark tunnel!!

IT WILL PASS!! ALL OF THIS darkness will pass!! Happiness is inevitable and unstoppable if you ASK for it, Embrace it, and Accept it as your God Given Right - literally!

Because guess what - it is!!

Stay Strong!!

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