Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Fallon O'Toole McIntyre

Today we celebrate Fallon's 7th Birthday! We lost young Fallie in 2004 but she remains a gift and inspiration to everyone who knew her and witnessed her brave battle against brain cancer!!!

She was one of the most beautiful 2 year olds you would ever encounter and her courage and tenacity in her fight was truly an amazing thing to behold!! She made everyone who was blessed to know her proud!!!

We know she is in Heaven now, with her Grandparents and family - but she also REMAINS here with us daily, guiding us, assisting us, teaching us, and loving us!! She will never be gone!!

Fallon's story is not complete - there are many many more chapters left in her story and we rely on her for Faith and Strength,

Her family is the epitome of what we preach on this site!! Perseverance, Strength Courage, Faith, Hope and Belief!! They personify all we talk about here and despite their amazing strength, they NEED our prayers and help in carrying on and in keeping Beautiful Fallon's memory and Sprit alive in our hearts always!

Count your many blessings this day and please send a Birthday prayer to our Special Angel FALLON today!!!

And pray for her family and friends as well!

We love you Sweetheart and will celebrate with you one day!


God Bless and Stay Strong all!!

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