Thursday, April 7, 2016

Get Me Through This....

"And so he died for us, and in doing so not only redeemed humanity, but gave us the perfect example of how to deal with suffering.

Today, when we have to face pain in our own lives, we have access to all the strength, peace, and courage that sustained Christ through his Passion and death.

God makes that power available to each and every one of us.

When you say to God, "Get me through this suffering," he will actually take you by the hand and lead you through your pain.

No matter what the crisis, he's willing to walk right through the fire with you, and make sure that you get to the other side without being engulfed and consumed in flames.

No matter how God answers this prayer, one thing is certain:

He will speed up the process of healing and make sure you get through your ordeal with as little emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage as possible.

And this guarantee doesn't apply to only the great cataclysmic misfortunes of life.

It works for the smaller "slings and arrows" of daily living as well.

You shouldn't wait for heart attacks or terminal illnesses or car accidents to ask for God's assistance.

You should say this prayer when you have a toothache; you should say this prayer when your annoying colleague at work won't stop talking to you; you should say this prayer when you're stuck in a traffic jam!

Whenever you have to face any kind of pain, you should say to God:

"Lord, please help me get through this."

And He will."

From " Ten Prayers God Always says Yes to" by Anthony DeStefano

Stay Strong!

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