Thursday, October 3, 2013


"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you,
whose presence calls forth your
- Epictetus

It is a bit impractical to believe we can completely avoid people with a negative attitude in this busy world.

However, we CAN make a conscious decision to consistently seek out friends and people who have uplifting qualities and positive and enthusiastic attitudes similar to our own goals!

We do not need to ostracize or shun people with negative, doom and gloom outlooks on the world - in fact we ought to try to help them come out of it wherever possible.

However, do not get dragged into the negative mire and web that we so often fall easy prey to on a daily basis. 

Be vigilant in recognizing these interactions that drain us, and derail all the hard work we put into rising to a level of faith, positivity and enthusiasm!

Help out where possible,  but as with a person who needs rescue and fears drowning, be careful not to be dragged down to the bottom in your rescue attempts!

Eventually we can build a resistance to the constant bombardment of negativity,  worry and fear - but it takes consistent effort and hard work!

Stick with it - the payoff is well worth it and it is closer to obtainment than you think!

Stay Strong!!

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