Wednesday, July 19, 2017


''Believe that you have received it.'' 

Clearly, what we are to believe is that we receive the very things we ask for.

The Savior does not even hint that because the Father knows what is best, 

He may give us something else. 

The very mountain that faith bids depart is cast into the sea. 

There is a prayer in which we make known our requests to God, and the reward is the sweet peace of His keeping our heart and mind at rest. 

This is the prayer of TRUST.  

It has reference to things in which we cannot know the will of God. 

As children we make known our desires in the countless areas of daily life and leave them to the Father to give or not to give as He sees best. 

But the prayer of faith that Jesus speaks of is something different, something higher. 

When in the Master's work or in our daily life the soul sees that nothing so honors the Father as the faith that He will do what He has said— grant us whatever we ask—and then takes its stand on that promise as brought home by the Spirit, it may know for certain that it will receive exactly what it asks. 

The Lord sets this clearly before us in verse 23: 

''If anyone . . . does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.'' 

This is the blessing of the prayer of faith that Jesus speaks of."

From "Teach me to Pray" by Andrew Murray

Stay Strong!

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