Saturday, August 8, 2015


I send this today in loving memory of a beautiful soul and child of God that we lost this week, Joanne Mayne.

Joanne, through her actions and throughout her courageous battle, personified courage, faith, perseverance, trust, family, and possessed a true child-like approach to life, love and to her Faith in the good Lord.

We are suffering today in her absence and her departure leaves a massive hole in all of our hearts, but she would want us all to remember that she is now Home and without pain or illness and we will indeed be with her again - hearing her laugh and seeing her beautiful smile! 

Of this we must be certain!

Rest in Peace, Joanne and watch over all of us until we can thank you in person for enriching all of our lives by simply being who you are! :)

"The main thing is to suffer without becoming discouraged."
     -  François Fénelon

We all suffer.

Some have more suffering in their lives than others, some have less.

Some have greater degrees of suffering than others and make our daily issues look like blessings.

Many of us are going through tough times, personal strife and situations that are full of fear and anxiety as we speak.

Some of us are struggling to keep hope alive as we move through our challenges and try to keep on charging forward.

Some of us are grappling with our Faith in the face of a personal loss or disappointment.

To quote one of my all-time favorite movies,  "The Princess Bride";

"Life is pain, Highness.  Anyone who tells you differently is selling you something."

We were never promised that life would be trial-free or even relatively easy!

Jesus' promise to us instead was that we would never be given more than His grace and strength would allow us to handle!

We cannot avoid pain and suffering in this life and the sooner that we can grasp this and accept our struggles, trials,  challenges as they arise,  the more peace and fulfillment we will experience.

The key is indeed to not become discouraged as we fight these battles and push forward!!!

No matter our current circumstance - no matter what it is we are facing this very moment -  if we can remain hopeful, faithful, and do not allow ourselves an ounce of discouragement or quit - whatever we are undergoing will surely pass!!!

Persevere - with courage and faith that you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be at this very moment - good or bad - and know that whatever your struggle may be it is merely temporary!!!!

It will get better!!

The best is yet to come if we promise ourselves that no matter how rough the seas get or how strong the current may seem to be against us - NOTHING CAN DEFEAT US if we persevere - if we resolve to never quit!

We must TRUST and BELIEVE that this test of our strength and faith will not only pass, but it will also take us to much higher ground and one giant leap closer to peace and joy!!

You are not alone in your strife and trials - so put your head down and keep charging forward - never doubting the reward and prize that awaits us as we overcome and persevere through this current, temporary Tempest!

Even the darkest and longest nights yield to the breaking sun - if, and only if we hang on and see it through with Thanksgiving, Hope and Trust!

Know for certain that you are never alone in your battles and you will make it to the dawn!

This is a Promise we can believe in!


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