Monday, August 31, 2015


"Nobody does very well in marriage, in relationships, at work, psychologically, or in life in general if they're not buoyant.

Getting down is part of life.

Staying down is what will kill you.

If any Christian tells you he's never been discouraged, he's lying.

All of us are going to get down. "You're going to get down this year. It's just going to happen. You may be there right now.

But if you stay down, your education doesn't matter. Your theology doesn't matter. Your skill level doesn't matter. Your financial backing doesn't matter.

If you get down and stay down, you will drown."

The only thing that will keep you from going under is hope.

Hope makes you buoyant.
Hope liberates.
Hope motivates.
Hope initiates.
Hope activates.

That's why hope is so important."

Stay Strong

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