Sunday, September 1, 2013

[Stay Strong] Measure "abundance" properly....

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"Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." - - - Epicurus

Life can be so hard and challenging, or it can be easy and light if we decide upfront what we will use as a measurement of our success and happiness!

We are pre-conditioned by society to chase the gold ring continuously and few people seem to slow down and enjoy the true abundance they already have in their lives.

Very few people ever reach the Billionaire $$ status and live outrageously lavish lifestyles, yet we all seem to wish for that and want that type of abundance. 

If we use this measurement  of wanting and desire to determine our success or happiness, how can we not be disappointed and full of despair???

Choose wisely what you want to use as a measurement of your accomplishments and hence your fulfillment and you will find that happiness and joy will follow.

True achievement is not your net worth or your social status, it is what you do for others, what you do to make life easier and more palatable for others, what you bring to the table to assist and support those in need.

Mother Teresa never graced the cover of Forbes or Fortune yet would anyone argue that her net worth is practicably unobtainable by most souls??

Cut yourself some slack and be sure to pick and use the right criteria as you judge yourself and your station in this life!

Count your me you are full of abundance, you are simply looking at the "bottom line" the wrong way!!!

Stay Strong!!!

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