Monday, August 12, 2013


"Each day, much more good happens than bad.
More babies born than people killed,
more people well fed than hungry,
more people housed than homeless,
more people with jobs than jobless,
more people healthy than sick,
more reasons to thank God than to curse Him.
Yet, especially when watching the "news,"
people focus almost entirely on the negative.
Let's turn that around.
Focus on the positive.
Be grateful for life's many blessings.

The enlightened give thanks
for what most people take for granted."
       - Michael Beckwith

It is very easy to allow negative thoughts to cascade down on us and quickly become overwhelmed with thw "bad" things currently occurring in our lives.

However, this cascading and negative focus can be beaten back and eventually overcome if we are diligent and alert to the moment it rears it's ugly head!

Just the fact that you can read this, that you got out of bed this am, that you can leave your house and be pain free are four MAJOR blessings we completely overlook and take for granted every single day!!!

And these are just the tip of the iceberg as far as blessings go!

We should be ashamed and humbled when we begin to add up the thousands of blessings that we npt only enjoy but NEGLECT to recognize and take for granted every hour of our day!

When you feel negative, stressed,  overwhelmed and are lamenting over your "problems", try to imagine how many people in this world would give all they had to lay claim to any one of the four simple blessings I mentioned above?? 

So snap out of it - all of our "problems" are embarrasing in the grand scheme of things and we should all be down on our knees each morning and evening giving THANKS for all that we are blessed to have in our lives!

Next time you catch yourself in a woe is me moment, please remember all of those who would gladly switch with you and I just to get out of bed in the morning - for starters!!  Pray for them and their strength and honor them by giving Thanks each and every day!

Stay Strong!!!

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