Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sworn Refuge - Unfailing Resource

"What happiness for us, says Tertullian... that God be happy to swear for love of us!

Could he better make us understand how sincere is the desire that he has of giving us what he promises us?

Wretched Man, will nothing be capable of giving you confidence?

I give you my Word says the Lord.

I give you my Word that I will take care of you and that I will provide for all your needs.

May it be enough for you that I am your father and that I am not unaware of your needs.

Ask me whatever you want, I leave nothing out; I am ready to grant it to you.

This is much to promise but once again it is God who commits himself.

Is this still not enough?

I swear to you, by myself who am the Way and the Eternal Truth, by myself who hate untruthfulness and who punishes perjury with eternal penalties, by myself who can neither lie nor deceive anyone, to cease to be what I am.

I swear to you that I will serve you as a shield against all your enemies, as doctor in all your illnesses, as guide in all your ways, as advisor in all your doubts, as refuge in all your dangers, as unfailing resource in the greatest plights and when you will be abandoned by all creatures."

-  St. Claude Colombiere (1682) 

Stay Strong!

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