Monday, August 15, 2016

Sorry.. the Prayer Card on How to pray this Novena is now attached! :) [Stay Strong] 54 Day Novena to the Blessed Mother - starts today on her Assumption Feast - care to join me?

If you have a need, a petition, or a request, this Novena is the answer!

See attached for the story behind it's Power and Promise and the details on how to pray it!

I have also attached a link that shows How to Pray the Rosary for those who need a refresher!   (

Don't be intimidated by its length! You can do it!  Trust me!  It is life changing.

You will be shocked at how easy this is to do and what it will do to your life! :)

I am beginning it today - I hope you can join me!  :)

Stay Strong!

Thank you CC!

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