Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spiritual Warfare

"If we are going to intercede for others, we had better be sure that others are interceding for us.

We need a prayer covering, especially when we enter an intense season of trials, challenges and battles.

When we hit our knees, we pick a fight with the enemy.

And the enemy WILL fight back.

Make no mistake, there is a target on our back.

The enemy wants to take us out, but he cannot touch us.

He has no jurisdiction in our lives if we are covered by the blood of Jesus, but we STILL need a prayer covering.

Intercession is spiritual warfare.

It's not for the faint or the feeble.

By definition, praying hard is hard.

There will be times when our hearts are breaking because of a prayer burden.

There will be seasons when the labor pains become intense because the Holy Spirit is birthing something new in us.

And there will be times when we feel the enemy launching a frontal assault on our family or business or health.

That's when we need to stay on our knees and pray through!!

Spiritual warfare can be scary and lonely, but I've always been strangely encouraged when I encounter increased spiritual opposition or oppression.

It means I'm doing something right.

It means I'm riling up the enemy.

It means I'm inching closer to the breakthrough.

And just when the fighting gets fiercest, I know that God is getting ready to go to battle for me!!

Spiritual battles are fought the same way.

The victory is won with knees bent in prayer and hands raised in worship to God.

The enemy cannot be defeated any other way.

No victory has ever been won apart from prayer and praise.

We will have moments when we lack the ability, strength, will, or faith to pray for ourselves.

That's when we need a prayer partner or prayer circle to hold up our arms, just as Aaron and Hur did for Moses.

I'm so grateful for my personal prayer circle."

- "Draw the Circle"

Stay Strong!

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