Monday, March 27, 2017

Eclipse All Suffering

Happy Monday All!  

Below is a terrific reminder that no matter how long the night or darkness feels, dawn and light is promised all of us who believe and dawn is inevitable!  

We just have to persevere in Faith and Hope and TRUST above all else and the "Shouts of Joy" will eclipse all suffering and darkness!

Stay Strong and God bless.... :) 

Morning Has Broken

"At various times when I have been trudging through a prolonged rough patch, I have become quite convinced that things would never get better.  

It doesn't matter that God has drawn me clear of difficulties before; it doesn't matter that God has previously lifted me out of the depths.   

When emotional or circumstantial enemies surround me, I lose hope, 

I feel stuck, and sometimes, I'm sorry to say, I straight-up wallow in the conviction that I'm always going to be hopeless, stuck, and beset.  
While I may know intellectually that life has cycles and that change is always percolating, sometimes I don't own that knowledge emotionally or spiritually.  

Today's joyful psalm verses are a wonderful antidote to our tendency to join the Sackcloth and Ashes Squad.  

The psalmist doesn't deny the hostility of his enemies or the dangers of the pit.  

He acknowledges that weeping and lament get the upper hand at times.  

But, buoyed by an infinite trust in God, he embraces the belief that joy will eclipse all suffering, that light conquers darkness, that that love is stronger than death.  

Yes, as night comes, weeping often takes a room in our houses (the concrete meaning of the Hebrew verb here is to "stay overnight, to lodge"); but in the morning, as the psalmist says with beautiful conciseness, "shouts of joy."  

These Lenten days of penance and sorrow can seem endless, but God will ultimately transmute our waiting and wailing into a dance of joy, as we look hopefully towards the Easter dawn.  

"O God of tears and laughter, Bestow upon me a hopeful patience as night falls and I await the morning's shouts of joy."  


Stay Strong!!!

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