Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, Blessed Mother!!

Today we celebrate the Nativity of The Blessed Mother! 

She is only one of three in the Holy Church whose birthday is celebrated with a Feast Day ... can you name the other two? :) One is a layup!

She is also one of the most powerful resources we have in our lives, given to us by Jesus on Calvary, on whom we can rely upon in times of challenge and strife!

She has NEVER left anyone who fled to her protection, implored her help, or sought her intercession unaided.

Take her up on her offer to intercede daily and the most reliable way to do this is through the daily Rosary! ;)

Happy Birthday, Blessed Mother and thank you for answering all our petitions!


Place yourself entirely in Mary's hands

St. Alphonsus advises us that Mary knows how to grant us an even greater grace than we could possibly ask.

Blessed Raymond Jordano affirms: "Whoever finds Mary finds every good."

He adds: "Her kindness is so great that no one need fear to approach her. And her mercy is so great, that no one is turned away."

Thomas à Kempis has her say: "I invite everyone to turn to me; I expect everyone, I desire everyone, and I never despise any sinner, however unworthy he may be, who comes to seek my aid."

She's always ready and inclined to help us, and to obtain for us every grace of eternal salvation by her powerful prayers.

When we turn to Mary, it's advisable to entreat her to ask and obtain for us the graces that she knows to be the most expedient for our salvation.

This is precisely what the Dominican Brother Reginald did, as it's related in the chronicles of that religious order.

This servant of Mary was ill, and he asked her to obtain for him the recovery of his health.

His sovereign Lady appeared to him, accompanied by St. Cecilia and St. Catherine, and said with the greatest sweetness, "My son, what do you desire of me?"

The brother was confused at so gracious an offer on Mary's part, and he didn't know what to answer.

Then one of the saints gave him this advice:

"Reginald, I'll tell you what to do: Ask for nothing. Instead, place yourself entirely in her hands, for Mary will know how to grant you a greater grace than you can possibly ask."

The sick man followed this advice, and the Mother of God obtained for him the restoration of his health

If we also desire the happiness of receiving a visit from this Queen of Heaven, we should often visit her by going before her image, or praying to her in churches dedicated in her honor.

  —St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Glories of Mary IN

GOD'S PRESENCE, CONSIDER . . . Am I uncertain sometimes what I should be asking God to do for me? Have I prayed that Mary will simply ask Him for what's best, knowing that she's better able to discern what's best than I am?

FROM a prayer of St. Germanus:

"O my sovereign Lady, guide of my poor judgment, strength of my weakness, covering of my nakedness, treasure of my poverty, remedy for incurable wounds, wiper away of tears, end of sighs, reverser of misfortunes, lightener of grief, loosener of my bonds, my hope of salvation: Listen to my prayers and have mercy on my sighs."

From "A Year with Mary"

Stay Strong!

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