Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Words of Wisdom from WILD20

For those in times of trial, remember what the Bible says.

The car broke down, you learned you have to take a pay cut, or even be laid off. Things are not going right. Sickness may have overtaken you, relatives died. Unemployment, disability, all the stresses of life.

You barely have ends meeting now and things will be even worse the next few months.This readers, is the ultimate test of faith, and some of the worst situations facing people.

The question is, can you make it through, and, does the Bible give you enough strength and scripture to do that?

The answer folks is yes! And the scriptures have plenty to say about it.

The Bible says we will go through tribulation. (Acts 14:22)

For some, this is instances of the death of someone close, financial problems, and stresses of life. We know that not all will be here on earth when Jesus comes again. But others will. There is an end time tribulation, but not all will go through it. For those that do, the times will be hard, with much suffering, but for those that don't, I am sure we all have little trials and tribulations that happen to us.

What does the Bible say? I studied this while I wrote this, and found it quite interesting.

You see, God gave us a great tool called the Bible. Some say it is a book of prophecy, other say it is a book of doom.

I call it a book of promises.

God's promise, all amounting to one thing, Jesus' return. The trials we go through are a small speck and scope of the greater picture. The suffering we go through, will all be nothing more then a moment. The Bible says we are here for just a moment in time. (2 Corinthians 4:17)

So what happens when we go through these trials? We do what Job did, we worship God, praise his name, and trust Him.

I have a great text. It is Philippians 4:6. It states that we would be anxious for nothing, but that in everything, through prayer, we should bring our requests to God. (paraphrased)

This text is of great comfort to a lot of people. It is a sugggestion, no,.. more than that, a command --on what to do in a time of trial, and when you ask something of God.

This text alone, if used as a rule in life, and trusted as a promise that God will hear you, would keep our stress down. The ulcers that plague the world today would disappear.

I know a lot of people will be thinking on these words and saying, so are you saying to not worry about our furture? Our children, our livelihood?

No I am not saying that. But there is no reason to obsess about it.

One needs to only trust in God, and then He does the rest.

Yes, figure out what your budget is; Yes make sure your finances are secure, but when troubling times come, pray that God will guide you, and according to His will, that He will answer you.

Remember what Jesus said in the Garden? Not my will, but your own. Some would call this crazy.

I suggest a book. It is called "Ten P's in a Pod" and tells the life story of a family, that went around spreading the gospel. Sometimes they would have no money and no place to stay, but in the end God always supplied their needs. Which I always think is amazing. The father never worried. Crazy? Yes. I call it crazy for God.

We should all be like that. It is a matter of putting something in God's hands, and not worrying about it.God has the bigger picture.

It says in Matthew 6:27 that no one can help themselves or make anything better by worrying. I firmly believe that. God has the bigger picture. And although some of us think they feel better worrying about tomorrow, it just adds more stress.

It says in Matthew 10:31 that we are more precious than the sparrows. And God says that not one sparrow will fall to the ground without God not noticing. (Matthew 10:29)

So, we have nothing to worry about. God is our guide, and he is always with us. There is no reason for us to fear anything.

Trust in God, and we have nothing else to lose.

...Posted by WILD20